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Three Tips to Improve Photography

The sun is a photographer’s best tool, and an unmatched source of lighting. The primary ingredient that separates amateurs from professionals is the quality of lighting. While professionals typically provide supplemental lighting or bounce cards (shiny material used to reflect sunlight) to help attain the perfect shot, you can raise the caliber of your photos by knowing how to use the sun.

5 Secrets of Black and White Photography That You Didn’t Learn in Your Photography Classes

Be it lighting, contrast or composition, they all have to play a bigger role in your monochrome photography. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned monochrome photographer carrying the best from the latest digital cameras, these 5 secrets will help you make the most out of your photography.

The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Photo Effects

The photo effects are quite popular both among amateur photographers and professional photographers. The photo effects are available on the market for years and years, so finding specialized software is not going to be difficult. There even are free photo effects available online, so those who don’t have the money for investing in specialized software can use the free tutorials instead.

How To Take A Good Photograph

Taking a great photograph is occasionally down to luck, but if you want to ensure your photographs generally turn out great, there are a few things you can implement in order to produce a perfectly captured moment. Firstly, know your camera well. Learn what each setting will produce and have an understanding of what settings work best in which situations, including how light will affect the image quality.

Digital Asset Management For Photographers

When you work in media, there is nothing more important than managing your digital assets. Images, audio and film are your business – you should be taking care of the files on your computer as you would any physical stock. Digital asset management allows you more versatility and keeps your data safe from possible loss due to hard drive failure, theft or damage.

What Is Industrial Photography and Why Is It Important?

Industrial photography is a specialized field that requires experience and a keen eye for detail. In this article we discuss what it is all about and how businesses can hire the best photographer.

Expert Event Photography Tips

Event photography is probably a special skill which can be learnt but also requires a lot of experience. This article presents a few expert tips for amateur or newbie event photography fans which should help them take better photos at events.

The Benefits of Professional Photography for Small and Large Businesses

Professional photography has evolved quite a bit over the past couple of decades. We discuss the biggest benefits of hiring a professional photography and the benefits of professional photography for businesses of all types.

Expert Product Photography Tips for the DIY Enthusiast

Product photography is the art of photographing a product on its own against a plain background. We have outlined some of the best expert tips which should help amateur product photographers take professional photographs with ease.

Seven Digital Photo Shooting Tips for Insect Photography

If you want to build your digital photography portfolio, increase your skills and even boost your money-making skills this article is for you. Try delving into macro photography of insects and other small creatures. Start off with these seven tips for insect photography you can use starting today.

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