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Nature Photography: A Great Training Tool

Nature photography is the photography of wildlife and the scenery surrounding it and can easily be captured with a quality digital SLR just by stepping outside. However, unless you live in an area that is abundant with birds, wildlife, or idyllic country scenes, this type of digital still photography may require a small trip outside of your urban comfort zone. Nature photography offers special challenges to the photographer. The high quality digital cameras such as the Canon Powershot, Nikon Coolpix, Canon EOS Rebel, or the Panasonic Lumix produce exceptional tonal quality in addition to deep highlighting and shadow features. They often come with specific settings for nature photography and landscapes, a plus only found when using a high resolution digital camera. The only disadvantages to the use of SLR digital camera’s in nature photography is that the consumption of battery power is higher, and you may not be in a position to recharge them in remote places. Our advice; buy a second, third, or fourth battery and charge them before each trip.

A Walk on the Wild Side: Shooting Fire Digital Style

You’ve scaled the peaks of the Cascade mountains with your digital SLR to capture the exact moment the morning sunlight explodes behind Mt. Rainier in a fiery blaze, and clicked hundreds of times with your Canon Powershot to capture the perfect image of the eagles talons touching the water to grasp that fresh Alaskan salmon, but have you ever truly walked on the wild side? Have you ever tried to photograph fire? Fire’s continually shifting light makes it incredibly difficult to use as your light source to capture the perfect image, but when fire is captured using the right medium, the results are spectacular.

Common Photography Terminologies Explained

You may have come across your friends or peers talking about photography in words you couldn’t understand, or you might just be interested in photography but first want to develop the dictionary for it, what ever the case might be you have certainly come to the right place. See, there are a number of factors that have to be considered before capturing a moment, and you really need to understand those factors if you need to be able to have good command over the way you take your pictures. So let’s get started on the most common terms in photography and what they do.

Tips For Great Halloween Pictures

October is a great month for taking pictures. Autumn has arrived to bring us cooler weather and beautiful landscapes across the country, a great combination for photographs! Today we’ll be giving you a few tips for generating the most perfect photographs on this extra spooky day – Halloween!

Digital Photography Tactics For Newcomers

A fabulous starters strategies for portrait digital photography. Everything you need to fully understand before you get started through this journey.

Are Negatives Still Plausible in Photography?

This is an article that is coming somewhat late to the party. Digital photography has been in the mainstream for around 15 years now and has never been more popular. What made it quite so popular was the fact that you could simply take photographs and it would be as simple as never before to transfer your pictures onto your computer and then print them yourself.

Dolomite Camp in Etosha National Park – A Nature Photographer’s Dream!

Dolomite Camp is the newest camp in Etosha and there seem to be many myths circulating about this restcamp and the western part of Etosha, also known as the ‘Wild West’. We would like to clear up the myths by describing our recent five-day stay at this wonderful camp.

A Review Of The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS

The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS is a great camera with a host of powerful features. In particular, it has a powerful 35x zoom range, a fast recycle rate and the pictures taken come out tops in terms of image quality. Here’s a review of the camera so you can decide if it is a good model for you.

The Art of Successful Catalogue Photography

A great place to start for up and coming photographers who want to make it in fashion is catalogue photography. Catalogue photography is an element of commercial photography and is still used by many retailers as an effective and efficient way to market products, especially fashion lines.

Valuable Tips for Autumn Photography

Autumn is one season that provides a golden opportunity to take beautiful shots in varied colors. And what else can be the perfect subjects for your photos? Right, the autumn leaves, trees and amazing landscapes. You don’t need to have a DSLR camera because even with only a digital compact camera, you can still get great results.

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