Jennifer O’Brien’s Favorite Spot in New York City & More | 21 Questions

The Search For the Perfect Light

Would you like to emulate the Dutch Masters? Here are some tips to help you in that quest of the perfect light.

Practical Tips For Photographing Kids

Kids are adorable and fun to be with particularly when they’re in a good mood. But they can be quite a challenge if you’re taking photos of them, whether one child is involved or more than one.

FIlm Vs Digital – Is Fim Photography Dead?

Is the age of film photography gone? Has digital photography pushed film into non-existence? I believe not! Film photography is still very much alive and well and being used everyday.

How Do You Start A Photography Business?

The business of photography is something that you really need to approach based on a honest assessment of your abilities, strengths and interests. From there you can then see if there’s any kind of market for your planned products or services, and do some proof of concept research to ensure those markets will indeed pay you for your offerings. Unfortunately most new photographers get it all wrong and start with little more than wishful thinking and a desire to make a living doing something they love.

Black and White Art – How Some Artists Learned To Capture Their Work

Although there is a wide range of photographers and artists that hold a passion for this art, it’s nice to get into some of their heads and know where they got started creating the beauty of black and white. It’s nice to explore the minds of photographers and artists that can take a picture and turn it into a work of art that many of us love to obtain and have in our homes.

Digital Photography For Beginners – Increase Quality With A Themed Approach

Are you just getting started in photography? If so let us tell you about one strategy you can start using today that will increase the quality of your pictures and lead to much better results then you have been getting in the past. Read more here…

How to Encourage Your Guests to Take Pictures Through Photo Booths

Yes, it is true. Some of your guests during your important celebrations do not take pictures via photo booth hire service. There are varied reasons why.

DIY Macro Product Photography Tent

Recently I’ve been upgrading my lenses in an effort to get a uniformity throughout all my video. I’ve pretty much settled on getting a whole set of Contax Zeiss Primes. While this is great, it leaves me with all my old lenses just sitting around collecting dust.

How To Use GoPro Cameras for Surfing

GoPro point of view cameras give us incredible potential for getting great photos and videos. These 5 TIPS will help you learn how to use your GoPro camera to get the surfing, standup paddling, or other ocean sports shots you’ve always wanted.

What Improvements We Can Hope for From the Nikon D5200

Nikon are due to update the D5100 soon. What improvements should we expect that will make the D5200 the market leader we all hope it will be?

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