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My Journey to Get That Infamous Night Shot

The Canon digital camera innovations have always been at the very peak of the technology ladder. Their compact digital cameras package a variety of functions into a small Canon digital camera body. These compact versions are particularly attractive to a wide range of users because of their light weight, ease of use, high image quality and high functionality.

Merchandising Your Photography

With all the cheap competition in the photography industry it’s more important than ever to use clever techniques that subtly show your clients the value of photography. This article looks at some of those techniques and how you can implement them in your photography business in order to increase your average order value and position yourself as a high-end photographer.

How To Create A Great Photograph

The composition of a photograph is as important as what is in it. Without observing and controlling the vital principles of composition, what you see in front of you may not translate as you wished to the produced photograph.

Photo Session Guide for Bradford-On-Avon (Wiltshire, UK)

This is a step-by-step explanatory guide for the best possible Photowalk in Bradford-On-Avon (Wiltshire, UK). Following it you will enjoy your walk and at the same time capture all picturesque views in Bradford-On-Avon. Suitable for family day out or romantic weekend.

You’re Not a Photographer, You Promote and Sell Photography

Photographers naturally get into photography because they enjoy it. With all the competition in the industry these days many new and established photographers are struggling. This is because they think of themselves as photographers and not business people. This mindset is all wrong and is causing a great deal of heartache and frustration for many photographers. This article looks at addressing the problem.

Tips For Taking Tasteful And Creative Boudoir Photography

There is a surprising trend happening in the world of photography that involves women taking sexy portraits. These two don’t go together at all with traditional wedding photography or family photography. So, what could possibly allow a woman to express her self confidence and share intimate and personal photos with their special someone.

World’s First Intelligent Camera Unveiled

Digital cameras of today are getting more advanced and smarter. If you still haven’t heard, a new kind of camera will be released into the market this month. It’s no ordinary photographic device because it is dubbed as the world’s first intelligent and wearable camera.

Basics of the Professional Photographer

A skilled photographer uses a camera to capture special moments, breaking news, or to promote services or products. A professional photographer might have the option to work in the news industry for the various magazines and newspapers, the advertising sector or work as a freelance photographer.

Photography in Advertising

Advertising is one of the biggest industries that photography finds itself a part of. When most think of photography, wedding, family, event and club photography usually springs to mind – but advertising is one of the most profitable and technical areas that a skilled photographer can make money.

A Random Article On Professional Photography

There’s a general misconception that more expensive and advanced cameras take better pictures, and it holds as true as the notion that advanced guns take better shots. The gun may only be better equipped to help the shooter take a better aim, cover wider range, shoot more bullets in less time and so on, but ultimately, it’s the person behind the barrel, who takes a good or a bad shot. So is it with cameras.

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