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How To Capture Great Holiday Photos

The holiday season is one of the most festive times of the year that people look forward to. It is also this period where much picture taking takes place among family, friends and colleagues. And why not, it’s the most wonderful time to enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

3 Must Have Photography Tools

Fortunately for photography beginners, you will not have a hard time to look for tools or equipment because there’s a lot of them available in the market today. In fact, with so many choices, the only problem you will most likely face is how and where to get the good deals for the quality tools.

What Is the Best Type of Camera for You?

So, you’re thinking about buying a brand new camera. If you have been looking in the stores or browsing online for a camera, the choices can be overwhelming.

Daylight Studios in Cape Town

Thinking about choosing Cape Town for your film or stills production? Here’s another good reason why the city makes such a versatile destination: the fantastic selection of professional daylight studios. Read on for just a taste of what there is to offer.

Enjoy Your Moment – While The Artist Captures It For You

Magic moments have to be preserved for a life time. Memories fade and people change, time takes you on to different worlds, and life leads you on through a myriad experiences, but you never want to lose the charm of those magic moments.

Photography As A Hobby – 3

Multi exposure is the taking of a number of shots on the same frame. This allows the stop action photograph of a movement that occurs in a very short time frame of one or two seconds.

Used Camera Buying – Online?

Used camera buying on eBay can get you a real bargain. It can also get you a lot of frustration and headaches. Know what you’re buying but more importantly who you are buying it from!

Photo Gifts – Interesting And Unique Presentation For Each Occasion

Nowadays, most of us wish to gift something unique to our loved ones and one such option available to us is photo gifts. This type of gift can be custom-made to meet the particular requirements of each of us. They can touch the heart of the person to whom it is presented, even though it is not a common presentation.

The Compact Digital Camera System Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles looking in depth at the Compact Digital Camera System. In this article we take an overview of this revolutionary new lighter and more compact interchangeable lens system.

How Photos Represent Your Company

A simple photo is one way of promoting your company and building its image. Hire a professional photographer and capture the essence of your business in pictures. You can use the end results in your promotional materials.

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