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3 Interesting Professional Photography Techniques

There are many professional photographers out there which you can employ for that special occasion, often with a high price. However, you may also consider learning the professional photography techniques that these photographers use to make more memorable memories, not only for a cheaper price, but also, for more photos that you may want. Read on to find more!

7 Questions to Ask When Looking for A Wedding Photographer

In this article I will cover the questions every bride should ask before choosing a wedding photographer. As a bride, take the time to find out these key pieces about your photographer. And as a photographer, to make sure you are on the same page with your bride you should make sure you have covered these points with her.

Learning Photography Exposure

Exposure could be said to be the foundation of photography. This article will define the three fundamental elements of exposure, namely – ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Tips to Take Professional Quality Photos

Before you take an online photography course or home study course in Photography, or simply desire to take better photos whether it is just as a pastime or as your job, then you definitely ought to give serious thought to which camera to purchase. However, regardless of what your price range may be, as you research, either on the internet or perhaps on you local high street, you’re going to be confronted with a massive variety of choice.

Critical Analysis Of The Aesthetic Appreciation Of Photography

Photography has been the subject of varied intelligent. Modern societies are saturated with photographs. Form holiday snapshots to newspapers, adverts, and the pristine walls of the fine art galleries,photographs can be found everywhere, performing an extraordinary range of functions. A critical fascination with the medium has inspired many quite different responses to photographs.

DSLR Lense Guide

So, you’ve bought a camera. Go on, click photos of the places you’ve always loved to visit! The Landscapes, Beaches, Tajmahal, your son’s cricket match!

Best Time Of The Day To Get Married – For The Best Photographs

Best time of the day to get married, for the best photographs   There is no right answer as to what time of the day is the best time to get married. This is a very personal choice. There is however a more important issue regarding choosing the right photographer, who can handle the light and produce stunningly beautiful pictures at the specific time that you want to get married.

Basic Photography Shooting Tips for Your Camera

In our article on basic photography tips find out how to avoid camera shake, master apertures and use focus lock. Avoiding camera shake involves learning how to stand properly, watching your shutter speeds, use the viewfinder and squeezing the shutter gently.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Your Digital Camera

If you are new to photography, read this article to learn about core terms used when talking about cameras. Once you know the foundational knowledge you can build on your understanding as it applies to every camera!

Green Screens Used As Backdrops

When you need to transform the simplest of pictures collection of yours into something amazing, it could be easily done with the help of digital photography green screen technology. The green screen backgrounds could be easily used in still photographs as well as pictures in motion.

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