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Panoramic Photography Technique

Panoramic photography is a unique technique that creates an image that is wider than the average field of vision produced by the human eye. This particular photography technique is a very popular way to capture larger than life images and is often applied to landscape photography, as well as to images of famous urban skylines. A panoramic image can be taken using several different techniques, with some being more effective than others, but the results can be quite stunning. This is especially true when the image is created by a professional photographer using state of the art equipment and several years of experience.

Photographic Filters – The Ins and Outs

In the good old days of film photography the only way to achieve many effects on your photos was with the use of specialized glass (or plastic) filters, fitted to the front (or in some cases slotted into the rear) of camera lenses prior to taking the photo. Fortunately in the modern digital world some of these filters are still used and while many of the old effects can be reproduced in a digital darkroom, others still require the photographer to do the work prior to post processing.

Poses For Photography – Learn New And Different Poses Today To Improve Your Photography!

Find out how to improve your portrait photography. Learn essential skills to make it in the industry.

Model Poses For Photography – Improving Your Photography Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult And Expensive!

Every photographer desires to capture their subject as natural as possible in their environment. The perfect model poses for photography are not simply pictures but works of art. This is a sort of image that has the capacity to evoke emotional or empathetic response on the viewer. Creating such an image requires the combination of a number of factors.

Photography Modeling Poses – Improving Photography Posing Isn’t Easy, Find Out How To Improv It Now!

Both photographers and models must understand different photography modeling poses to use during shoots. It is therefore imperative to at least take a basic photography course so you can familiarize yourself with various techniques. This is because different posing techniques are used to express and communicate different messages to the observers.

Glamour Model Photography – Learn The Skills That Can Take Your Photography To The Next Level!

Learning how to work with models is one of the most important skills in glamour photography. Learn step by step how to improve you glamour photography skills.

Cool Or Unusual Photography Ideas

Sure there are a lot of unique, cool and unusual things you could photograph but what is the point if you do it badly. Before getting to the ideas here are a few tips on how to make the most of every photo opportunity.

The Golden Ratio, How To Use It In Photography

If you are a novice in photography or not into how mathematics describes the world around you, there is a good possibility you may not have heard of the “Golden Ratio”. It also has been known as the “golden mean” or the “divine proportion”.

Digital Photography – What Are Megapixels?

The dawn of the digital age ushered in new concepts, ideas and words. It wasn’t so long ago when people outside of the imaging industry began to deal with the new era of digital photography and were amazed by the simplest of things. How digital pictures were formed was a mystery to a lot of us. Not anymore!

Creative Photography Activities: Macro Photography (Tiny Things)

Photographing small items often creates powerful images. When you capture small items in larger-than-life sizes, it draws the viewer’s attention to the details that they often ignore or never see.

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