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Starting a Photography Business From Home

Starting a photography business can be a daunting task for those who are great at taking pictures but maybe not great at the business aspects. This article is here to help you build your photography business from home with minimal costs.

Creative Photography DIY Tricks

Creative photography tricks don’t always have to involve expensive equipment or professional skills. Sometimes, just a simple homemade device can produce professional looking photo effects. Here’s a simple trick that uses ordinary plastic sandwich wrap.

Creative Photography With DOF

Creative photography tips and tricks can transform photos from ordinary to extraordinary. It doesn’t have to take years of schooling to become creative, just a few inside secrets on how it’s done. Adding a Depth of Field effect can really spark new interest in your photos.

Digital Camera Settings Top Tips

Many people who own digital camera do not often take advantage of all of the unique settings that are available. The various parameters and options on the average camera allow the user to manipulate and tweak the pictures.

Simple Creative Photography Tricks

Creative photography tricks don’t have to be complicated or difficult to master. Often just a few simple changes to how you shoot will greatly multiply the impact of your photos. Best of all, these photography tips can be used by everyone, not just professionals.

How To Get Better Canvas Prints

Cropping a photo basically means cutting it down and it is done to ensure that a picture does not contain too much off putting background or foreground and that the subject of the picture really is the main subject. Also try to ensure that your camera is set to the most appropriate quality and lighting settings because these can make a big difference when viewed on screen and an even bigger difference when turned into canvas prints.

Digital Camera Buying Guide – How To Choose And Buy A DSLR Or Compact Camera

What matters the most when buying a digital camera? Is it the image quality, the brand name or the features offered by the camera? Here are 10 things you must consider when planning to buy a photo-gear. It’s not just the brand name or the fancy features provided by the camera that should influence your decision, it should be your preference in the purview of the following buying guide.

Sports Photography – Make Your Kids Look Like The Major League Players!

I got into sports photography through a friend of mine who asked me to shoot his kids playing baseball, softball and soccer. What started as a favor has become a small side business for me. I now create posters and prints for some of the other parents on his kids’ team.

Thermal Cameras – An Overview

This article explains the working of Thermal Cameras, while listing out their uses. If you want to buy one, this article will be of use to you.

Vertical or Horizontal Orientation?

Well, do photographers like to shoot in vertical or horizontal orientation? Well, it depends. Both can give dramatically different looks for the same shot.

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