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Nikon 35mm F2 AF Wide-Angle Nikkor Lens Review

When it comes to value and features, the Nikon 35mm f2 AF Wide-Angle Nikkor Lens for Nikon 35mm and Digital SLR Cameras is definitely the five-star lens that is perfect for you. You will be able to note that the Nikon 35mm f2 AF Wide-Angle Nikkor Lens for 35mm and Digital SLR Cameras is not only light and fast but this lens is also sharp and designed with the perfect focal length.

Nikon 14mm F/2.8D ED AF Ultra Wide-Angle Nikkon Lens Review

If you are looking for one superb camera lens then the Nikon 14mm is definitely the lens that can provide you your money’s worth. The Nikon 14mm is truly one great lens for those people who are into digital photography these days. There can be a lot of lens types that are available today but the Nikon 14mm is one good choice to bring along with your camera when you are planning to take some pictures.

Tips on How to Become a Better Photographer

Are you becoming frustrated with the photos you have taken? Cheer up. You can still become a better photographer if you really want to. You can have lots of readings from different media about photography where you can get tips on how to capture perfect photos.

Does It Make Sense to Home Process in Film Photography?

Does it make sense to home process your film? If you opt for home film processing you should be able to cut processing costs a lot, and since most of the film processing shop is shutting down nowadays, home film processing might be the only choice left for those who still have a space for film photography.

Photography in Africa

To a wildlife photographer, Africa is unique. Blue skies, game parks, wilderness, deserts rich in wildlife. Who has not heard about the African sunset? What equipment to Take Before we consider the equipment to take on safari, a note of caution directed to the independent photographer, the one in control of his travel arrangements and movements.

Portrait Photography: Four Steps to Creating a Blurry Background

You can create outstanding portrait photography when you blur the background behind your subject. If you want to achieve that effect, there are just four simple ingredients.

Maternity Portrait Photography – Flaunt That Bump!

Pregnancy can be hard work, especially in that last trimester when you feel like you’re carrying a small rhinoceros instead of a baby! Some women bloom. Some women don’t feel comfortable at all. No matter which category you fall into, you should still consider maternity portrait photography – after all, those nine months fly by, and once they’re gone, you’ll quickly forget both how you looked and felt.

Olympus Zuiko 50-200 F/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD Lens for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras Review

The Olympus 50-200 lens is a very high performance lens for the avid photograph. This lens boasts of super telescopic zoom lens. This lens features the supersonic wave drive which is an autofocus lens system that can cover a zoom equivalent of 100 to 200mm of a 35mm camera. That is amazing for such a lens and is on this lens for the very first time. On this Olympus 50-200 lens the ED elements are used to make sure that there is no color blurring. On many other lenses that offer telescopic zoom, you will find when they are extended out the picture comes out somewhat blurry. With this lens this will not happen. The digital design of the lens will offer high definition pictures with clear crisp edges and no problems in the picture. This camera lens also offers a minimum shooting distance of 1.2 meters.

Olympus 12-60 F/2.8-4.0 SWD Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens Review

If you are looking for a great camera lens the Olympus 12-60 is for you. This camera lens offers fast speeds with an autofocus. The zoom range is the equivalent of a 24mm to 120mm with regular 35 camera lens. These features allow for close up picture shooting. If you own this camera lens you can shoot a picture from as close as 25cm which is far more impressive than a normal camera. The Olympus 12-60’s high powered autofocus runs at a high speed, while snapping great pictures and not generating a bunch a noise.

Panasonic 45-200mm F/4.0-5.6 OIS Micro Four Thirds Zoom Lens Review

The Panasonic 45-200mm is a great addition to any photographer’s lens collection. This lens allows you to take clean and crisp pictures. With this lens you do not have to worry about picture distortion and can get the best picture possible. This lens produces professional images while being a lot smaller than other DSLR lenses.

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