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Sony 50mm 1.8 – Light and Sharp Indoor Lens

Those are deeply into portrait photography will love the new Sony 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens works perfectly with the Sony Alpha DSLR and will definitely add versatility to anyone’s photographic bag of tricks. The lens is built with a Smooth Autofocus Motor, which basically sweetens up the deal. The fixed focal length is pretty good both for beginners and anyone who’s been shooting pictures for a while.

Choosing the Right Lens for Wedding Photography

You’re serious about going into wedding photography? You’re getting experience and your portfolio is growing quickly? The next step is knowing what gear the professionals use so you can start to build your own unbeatable wedding kit.

How To Pick A Canon Portrait Lens

One thing every Canon photographer needs is a portrait lens. This article will describe which lenses can be used as portrait lenses.

Point-And-Shoot Camera VS Cheap Digital SLR Camera

A digital camera is an investment. Pick the right one and you will save money over the long haul. This article is about what to look for in your quest for a cheap digital SLR camera.

Getting Started Learning About Photography

If you’re interested in getting started learning about photography then there are a few things to begin with. When beginning in photography, one must teach themselves the basics of photography. This is what we’ll focus on.

How to Teach Yourself Photography

To teach yourself photography you need to plan a learning process where you go from the basics to more advanced photo techniques. You should start with camera mechanics and photo composition basics and then move on to more advanced things like creative exposure or conceptual photography.

Nikon 200mm F4 Review – The Largest Macro Lens

Even though there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the capability of the Nikon 200mm f4 lens, the Nikon 200mm f4 stands and claims to be a cut above the rest. More than that, the Nikon 200mm f4 can also be described as a good value lens in the land of lenses.

Sony 24-70 Review – Professional Lens for Versatility

If you’re looking for the best among the top of the line lenses that Sony and Zeiss have ever come up with then the Sony 24-70 is the one to beat. It has brilliant zoom, fast but silent auto focus function, and professional quality coated optics. It is designed to eliminate any bit of chromatic aberration. If you’re looking for an incredibly good lens to suit any need then this one is all you will ever need.

Sony 16-105 Review – Affordable High Quality Lens?

If you’re a big fan of the Sony Alpha then you better get a load of the Sony 16-105 lens. If you compare this lens to its contemporaries, then the one thing that will make people really smile is the price. This lens gives photography enthusiasts all the benefits of a world-class top-notch lens minus the big bucks you usually spend for them.

Sony 16-80 Review – Great Low Light Portraits Lens?

Anyone interested in low light candid portrait shots should make a really good investment by getting a Sony 16-80. If you don’t trust one person’s comments on this particular camera lens then go find some other lens review or perhaps check out several reviews to see a particular pattern-people love this lens.

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