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The Definition and Evolution of Artistic Photography

Artistic photography pertains to photographs that are made in accordance to a creative vision. They are meant to display a feeling, state or message instead of calling attention to a recent event or a product like popular counterparts do. This style of photography is all about presenting ordinary objects in extraordinary ways and pointing out different perspectives on a reality. What makes it very engaging is the fact that it can be perceived uniquely by different people, like they would paintings and music, and make them question what the subject is or what the undertones are.

Ideas For Bump Photography

If you are currently pregnant, you probably feel a lot like time is rushing past and you want to remember these precious moments before your baby arrives. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the beautiful examples of bump, or maternity, photography out there. If you want to try to recreate some of those images on your own (with the help of a tripod and a camera with a timer, or with the help of your partner), we’ve put together a brief guide and few ideas for you to use as inspiration.

Photography Tricks For The Amateur Photographer

Today, there is a great deal of interest in photography, thanks to the lower cost of snapping photos, a result of the digital age. Without the need to purchase film, and develop it thereafter, digital cameras have change everything about the industry, and have created photographers out of everyone. In addition to that, there is the simplicity that comes with the technology, in that cameras can be put on the automatic setting, requiring just one click. Although many great pictures can be achieved in this way, amateurs can take this to a whole new level, with some help. Below, discover photography tricks for the amateur photographer that can mistake you as a professional.

Simple Camera Tricks To Ensure Great Shots

How many of you claim to know their digital cameras very well yet sometimes still make mistakes when preparing for their shoot? For sure, there are many of you who are guilty.

Sigma 50mm F2.8 EX DG Macro Review

One of the most rewarding types of Photography for me personally is Close Up or Macro Photography and I have been using a Raynox DCR-150 on either my canon kit lens or my Canon 55-250mm is lens for a few years! After biting the bullet a couple of weeks ago I finally got my hands on my new Sigma 50mm F2.8 EX DG Macro a couple of weeks ago and my experiences to date are very good indeed.

Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Make sure you get the most out of your photographer!

Is Photoshop CS6 What You Really Need?

Is Photoshop CS6 right for you? Or will it just become more confusing? Read on to see what’s new and discover the one simple thing that will really make your Photoshop experience the best it can be.

Selecting Video Cameras From The Camera Store

There are many different cameras available today for both personal and professional use. The type of camera that you select will depend on the style of video that you plan to shoot. People who are looking to make home movies will be able to use video cameras that are relatively inexpensive.

The Photographic Diet

All brides deserve a beautiful wedding album. She has done her best, now you must do yours. If you are to photograph a bride who needs slimming, here are some helpful tips.

Getting a Friend to Shoot Your Wedding

Many people these days are trying to stick to a budget for their wedding but there is one thing above all else that should not be compromised, the photography. Without decent photos of your day, how are you going to remember the details and ambience that only a professional photographer will capture.

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