Improve Your Zoom Call and Podcast Audio with a USB Microphone

Seal Your Memories With a Personalized Photo Book

A personalized photo album is the most creative way in which you can get a flashback into your unforgettable memories. They make your trip down the memory lane so pleasurable that you wish to take such trips repeatedly.

Top Tips for Taking Great Photos on Your Phone

Taking pictures has become a daily routine for some. There are great photo taking opportunities all day long. We take pictures of our kids to showcase to friends and family on social networking sites. We snap up photos of our food; we are also inclined to take the odd racy snap to send to our partners via phone applications.

How To Make The Most Out Of Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software is something that is gaining popularity. It is a term used to refer to the way that we edit photographs, to help make them look better and of course more professional. This article lists just a few of the ways that you can use photo editing software to your advantage.

Couples Boudoir Photography: What Couples Should Know About

When you have found your partner for life, everything becomes a natural. Every simple thing that you do becomes easy and comfortable. Even getting intimate in front of a camera is possible. Lifetime partners or soon-to-be husbands and wives won’t have a problem facing the camera and posing because everything they o comes out natural. The chemistry is there, the love is there, the connection is there.

How To Select Camera Flashes

Various kinds of flashes are available in the market, such as LED flashes, macro ring light camera flashes and hammerhead flashes. They are to be used depending on the photography requirements and the ambient lighting conditions.

Ways By Which You Can Land Up With a Better Portrait Photograph

Portrait photographs that look stunning are something that we always look forward to. Whoever the photograph portrays, be it a family member, a model or a stranger, we still love to look at the picture. A portrait photograph that is captured perfectly can either be nostalgic and bring out some beautiful memories or even tell as stories of the past.

An Ideal Posture – Portriature

The appearance and presence of a picture can sometimes vastly inspire a person and the objects present around it. Imagine one just walking into one’s house or room and admiring this picture of his/her role model. How inspiring could that prove to be on a daily basis? It could also be a picture of his/her father, mother or any family member

The Five Most Important Film Camera Accessories

So you have a film camera, and may be wondering what other odds and ends of photographic equipment do you need; lenses, a flashgun, a hand-held light meter, some filters, or maybe a tripod? Here is an article to help you decide upon your equipment acquisition priorities – the five most important film camera accessories. This article applies equally to digital cameras.

How To Choose Quality Sigma Lenses And Other Photography Gear

One of the most popular and expensive hobbies that you can actually earn from is photography. You may have started out taking photos of your cat, random scenes around nice places, or family events, then uploading them to your social media accounts. But ever since you’ve received some flattering comments about some of your images, you’ve started to wonder about taking your hobby to the next level.

Photographing Clouds

From the time that I first began to photograph, one subject that always interested me was clouds. I have always loved the old black and white photographs of Ansel Adams and have admired, not only his landscapes, but also the way the landscapes were made spectacular by the cloud cover in the scene. Adams was a master of both composition and working in the darkroom to burn and dodge to make sure that all areas of the photograph were exposed properly.

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