How to Use Circular Polarizer Filters (CPL Filter) #Shorts

Starting Your Own Wedding Photography Business

So, you’ve decided that you are interested in becoming a wedding photographer. You have a nice camera and you love taking pictures of family and friends. So, you have everything you need to quit your job and become a wedding photographer. If only it was that easy. I think that is one of the biggest problems with the wedding photography industry today.

Photos to Retouch – A Valued Piece of Creativity!

When a customer brings photos to retouch, he may not know what treatment really works best. It is up to the online photo editing firm’s consultant to advice. Let the customer get touched by the gesture and good service.

Canon Cameras – The UltraCompact IXUS

IXUS is the series of Canon ultracompact cameras that don’t come small in features, functions, and picture quality. They are a popular choice for people who’d like to be ready to take photos during travel, get-togethers, and other daily activities. IXUS answers the digital imaging needs of people who are always on the go and who’d always want to travel light.

Photography and the Camera Upgrade Itch

A lot of amateur photographers are afflicted with the “upgrade itch”. This is the case of thinking that your camera is holding you back from taking beautiful photos. But is that really the case?

Fine Art Wedding Photography – Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Fine art photography is defined as photography which is created within the artistic vision of the photographer, which is primarily used as art. In fine art wedding photography there are no rules but the bride is shown as an uniquely glamourous and beautiful woman in the dress she has specially chosen for her day. In fine art weddings, the bride is the centre of the day and the photographer’s goal is to create an artistic vision encompassing her and her groom.

Canon Rebel T2i Quick Review

There are tons of folks right now that are looking to get themselves a digital camera, and for a lot of these folks only the best quality will do. There are 2 types of men and women look for digital cameras, those who only want the very best that money can buy and those who could be satisfied with the most simple camera. Obviously when it comes down to it you are additionally going to understand that whether they’re looking to invest $100 or $600 you will still want the best that your money can purchase.

Five Pet Photography Tips

Capturing the sparkle in your pet’s eye is the goal of pet photography. Quick and Easy Pet photography tips and tutorials eliminate the blurry dog photos and bring your furry pooch to life in print.

15 Winter Digital Photography Tips

Capturing that perfect beautiful winter picture on your digital camera is a bit like catching that elusive fish or hitting the perfect golf shot – with proper preparation and technique -so very satisfying. But unless a series of steps are followed and a bit of forward thinking is used together with practice, like with fishing or golf -it could be the one that got away or that annoying slice etc.

Sizzling Things Up With Boudoir Photography

This article gives a good idea to readers as to what Boudoir photography really is, its background and what makes it so special! Read on to discover some really special realms of photography!

What Are Digital SLR Cameras?

Very informative article about the Digital SLR technology. What is it? How does it work?

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