How to Take Striking Astro Photos: 5 Astrophotography Composition Tips with Autumn Schrock

3 Tips To Eliminate Closed Eyes And Squinting In Photo Portraits!

Squinting and closed eyes can ruin a photo portrait! Here are several tips to eliminate the problem and put the “wow” factor back into your photos.

Digital Photography: A Brief History

As far as photography is concerned, the role played by technology and the eye of the photographer goes hand in hand. The history of digital photography is punctuated by several revolutionary changes and what seems most interesting is, the history of advances is still being written.

Who Needs Headshot Photography?

Headshot Photography is a specialized field in that aims to bring out the inner beauty in a person. Headshot photos are especially used in the modeling and movie industry. Usually, casting directors and advertisers choose actors and models based on their portfolio.

Six Things You Should Think About Before Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

I’ve had lots of people recommended by friends, clients, family… who wanted to hire me just because they knew me… And, although it always is nicer to work with someone you know or has been recommended by someone you know, you should always check their work first! Someone being very nice DOES NOT mean they take good (or bad) pictures!

Photo Lighting – “Halo” Light

This article discusses using the “Halo” or “Rim” lighting pattern in your photography to dramatically increase the impact of your photos. Once you have tried this lighting pattern, the oohs and aahs of your friends when they see your photos will have you hooked.

Digital Cameras – Choosing the Best Type for You

If you’ll be shopping for a digital camera, be prepared to see a host of options that will confuse you. You’ll find features and capabilities that will surely amaze you. But the important thing to know is if they are the ones that you’ll need. To help you decide which would be the ideal imaging gadget for you, here are some information about the different types you’ll see in the market today.

How to Maintain Your Camera So It Lasts Longer

Digital cameras, like most electronic devices, need extra care when being handled. They have sensitive parts that can be damaged by improper handling. These are the most common practices that can help you maintain your camera so that you can use it for a much longer time:

Digital SLR Cameras: Easier to Use Than You Think

Digital SLR cameras are easier to use than you may think. Just because they are larger with lots of buttons and dials, many people may be intimidated by them. The truth is that Digital SLR cameras can be used just like a Point and Shoot compact camera. What makes a Digital SLR camera more distinctive is the higher quality photos they produce. They also give you more manual control and the option to change lenses.

Digital Photography Backgrounds: How to Create Your Own

If you want to add variety to your model’s poses, then you need an assortment of digital photography backgrounds. Sure, you can buy them online–but why not create your own instead?

How Lighting Affects Photography

Does lighting have any influence on photography? Is light in natural form in photography constant?

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