How to Take Photos of Mom that She Will Actually Like

6 Must Have Items for Your Canon EOS 550D (Rebel T2i / Kiss X4)

When I wrote the article “5 Lenses You Must Have for Canon EOS 7D”, I realised that there are a lot of cropped sensor users who were keen to consider what they should buy for their gear. Keeping the total investment as low as possible, here is a list of 6 items which I believe are must haves to get the most out of your Canon EOS 550D.

Photography Techniques to Try: Scanner Photography

Scanner Photography. Sounds exactly like its name. Taking photographs with your scanner. Photographer Ellen Hoverkamp has taken scanner photography to the ultimate level with her beautiful Victorian inspired floral compositions. I was intrigued when I first heard about Ellen’s work and decided I wanted to try scanner photography for myself.

How to Take Portrait Photos Smartly Using Your DSLR Camera

How can I say this is not a DSLR era? Yeah, nowadays everyone spending their free time with their own DSLR cameras. Here are some tips and tricks to take awesome portrait photos using a DSLR machine.

A Smart Guide to Find the Best Wedding Photographer

Photographs complete any wedding occasion. They’re even sometimes considered the reason why people dressed their best and prepare for a wedding. No matter how you consider it, photography plays an important part to the perfection of any occasion and ceremony. Around Sydney are several wedding photographers that are highly skilled in this field.

The Best in DSLR Kits and Rigs

If you are in the film industry – it’s absolutely important, no, essential that you have the correct equipment to help you get the job done right. Not only is it important that you have these products and items, but it’s important that you buy them from a reputable company that always keeps them in stock, always has high quality products, and will always be there for you when you need them.

Flaunting Your Masterpieces With Style

There are many basic strategies employed by interior designers for hanging artwork, though none of them are set in stone. Interior designers follow these rules, but it’s fun to see what happens when you don’t follow them as well.

Tokina 10-17mm Review – A Fun Lens for Creative Photography Use

The Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens is a premium lens for either your Canon camera or Nikon camera. It is a fun lens that will enable you play with your creativity as a photographer.

Wedding Photography Made Easy – Pricing

As a wedding photographer, occasionally I am asked why wedding photography costs so much. Why does Photographer A start at $1,000 and Photographer B at $3,000? And Photographer C starts at $8,000; how is that even possible? In the interest of helping you to make a more informed decision, I’d like to help remove the mystery from the process.

Photography Advice: How Different Backgrounds Colors Affect Your Subject

Yesterday, I spent some time playing with a flower and some colored fun foam sheets. After taking the close up, the far away, the landscape, the portrait, and the various angles, I decided to place around with one set up. I wanted to see how changing just the color of the background would change the flower. I have to admit, I was surprised.

5D Mark II Review of DSLR

Everyone can be a photographer these days. Digital photography has made capturing photographs a lot simpler via dependable methods.

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