How to Take Photos in Extreme Conditions: 5 Landscape Photography Tips with Mike Mezeul II

Digital Photography For Beginners – A Three Step Process For Taking Professional Looking Pictures

Are a just getting started in photography and not satisfied with how your pictures are coming out so far? Come here and take a look at the three fundamentals that professional photographers use everyday. Read more about digital photography for beginner’s tips here…

Digital Photography For Beginners – How To Make More Money With Stock Photo Sites

Are you looking for an easy albeit tedious way to make money with your digital camera? As you will find out in this article there is an effective strategy and YOU can do it.

How to Establish Your Photographic Style

If you are serious about your photography, you will want to be recognised as a photographer with a particular style. Whether your photography is predominantly about wildlife, sports action shots, macro photos, dynamic landscapes, or sultry black and white shots, you will want people to know instinctively that this is your photographic style. This article looks at how to establish your photographic style.

Photography – How to Use a Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lens can be a boon to photographers, especially in wildlife shots where the photographer needs to capture a close up shot without scaring off the animals or putting themselves at risk. They are especially useful in sports action shots where you aren’t allowed to get too close. There are some tips that you need to consider if you want to use a telephoto lens effectively and produce great results.

The Top 3 Portrait Photography Settings

Portrait photography is one of the most popular past times for happy snaps and professionals alike. However, what is the difference between the two groups? Is it the camera, the lights or the skills or experience needed to produce a professional looking portrait. This article looks at the top 3 photography settings that could make your happy snaps look more like a professional portrait.

Technique and Artistry of Food Photography

Food photography is a highly artistic and effective method of capturing the qualities of a dish and selling a product or restaurant. The following is a brief discussion of some of the elements and artistic notions involved in the commercial photography of food.

My First Steps in the World of Digital Photography – Choosing the Right Camera

What we should take into consideration when choosing the first digital camera? Which specifications will help me with my choice? I have to take new or used? In what accessories should I consider having at the beginning? Which brand to choose? For these and many other questions I will try to answer you in the simplest way. So let’s start from the beginning.

The Importance of Maternity Photography

Capture your most precious moments and build a pictured history of your exciting moments during your pregnancy and the first days of your child’s life with maternity and infant photography. Aside from capturing those precious moments, it actually has some health benefits as well, find out more below!

Shooting Interesting Portraits

Shooting portraits takes a keen eye and a great set of skills. Post-photography effects with Photoshop and other software can make these images look a lot better but the art of creating an interesting portrait starts with your vision as the photographer.

Photography – The Benefits of Using a Tripod

Camera technology has advanced so much that just about anyone can take good photos. Not necessarily great photos, because that’s more to do with composition, subject matter, the effective use of light and shadow etc. However, if there’s one item that helps in taking better shots, it’s the humble tripod. Many of us believe that a tripod is nothing but an extra item that helps us stop camera shake. With high ISO capabilities in new cameras, with increased shutter speeds particularly in low light conditions, then why do we need a tripod? This article looks at the many different ways a tripod can make us better photographers or at the very least, increase our capabilities in using a camera.

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