How to Take Headshots: 5 Tips with Peter Hurley

Why Should I Inquire About Pet Photography?

Do you have a special furry friend that you have recently added to your family? Do you wish he could stay little forever? Why not capture your pet’s best moments with a professional photographer?

Why Is It Important To Use The Same Professional Photographer For A Modeling Portfolio?

If you are starting your modeling career there are some things you should know first about your portfolio before just diving right in to the industry. A modeling portfolio is not just about having a few smiling photos thrown into a photo album, it is actually much more complicated than that.

Couples Photography

People fall in love. Couples break up. Some people get married.

Photography Techniques For Landscape Scenes

A camera lens cannot by itself focus in on the most appealing elements in a scene. If you want to take pictures that you are proud of, and which are admired by a broad audience, you will need to learn how to capture different types of landscapes to bring out their sense of beauty.

What Is Digital SLR Photography?

Are you into digital photography? Is your favorite camera a simple “pocket” version of digital cameras with a ‘zoom’ lens and a few settings for portrait, landscape, and “action” shots?

How to Photograph an Indian Wedding

Surrounded with the myriad of ceremonies and traditions which mark an Indian Wedding ceremony, the task of a Wedding photographer becomes far more demanding and unpredictable. The variety with customs and events from one marriage ceremony to another creates a need to get familiar with the procedures of the wedding ceremony, so that you won’t miss out on the key activities.

How To Set Up Your Home Photography Studio

Photography is one hobby that can turn into a profitable business. Those who have been seriously involved in capturing photos will find that it is indeed an activity that can allow one to express his emotions and creativity.

Photographers Need to Know How to Pose Just Like Their Models

As a photographer the job requires you to remain behind the camera, however, you need to have a good idea of what will look good in a photo and what will look poor. Therefore, knowledge of professional posing techniques is essential in order for your work to stand out in this competitive market.

5 Essential Items a Photographer Should Carry Around When Doing an Outdoor Photo Shoot

A few might say a light weight mid-range zoom lens; others might say a tripod or even extra batteries. These are definitely justifiable accessories, but today I would like to write about small items that most of the time we tend to overlook or never even bother to consider.

How to Use the History Brush Tool in Photoshop

In this article I’d like to introduce you to the often overlooked but very powerful History Brush tool in Photoshop. It’s so easy to use and can avoid the need to make a careful selection of the area to be worked. Once you understand the mechanics of how this tool works then its application is only limited by your imagination.

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