How to Take Dynamic Sports Portraits: 5 Tips with Matt Hernandez

Photo Booths – Making Memories With Instant Fun Pictures

If you want your guests to have long lasting memories of a fun-filled party, you should rent a photo booth. You should, however, choose the photo booth cautiously to avail the various features and the best photo packages available with it.

How to Take a Reference Photo for a House Portrait

Having a professional photographer to take the pictures of a home for a custom house portrait is not necessary and an additional unnecessary cost. Personal digital camera can do the trick just fine. By following a few easy steps you can take your own photograph to be used as a reference for a custom house portrait. A talented artist can adjust color for the custom home portrait, add detail, change the season, and take out unwanted objects during the painting process.

Getting Married and Camera Shy? No Problem! Wedding Photographers Know How to Make You Comfortable

There is one in every group. The one who ducks behind others during a photo opportunity, or displays their extra-awkward smile just like Chandler Bing from “Friends” as soon as the flash goes off. You know who I’m talking about! Is it you? Do you have a fear of being in front of the camera? Learn how to cope with these fears and work with your Minneapolis wedding photographer to get the best images possible!

Out of the Box Photography for You!

Get outside the normal wedding photography by hiring a photojournalistic wedding photographer! You won’t be disappointed when you see all the beautiful, unscripted moments they are able to capture during your wedding day.

Nikon D5100 Review – Unleash The Photographer In You With The Nikon D5100!

Most experts in photography believe that it’s the person behind the camera that produces a stunning shot. While it is indeed true, in this Nikon D5100 review you will discover why it’s not enough. Find out the reason why you’ll need a high quality digital SLR camera like the Nikon D5100 to create a breathtaking masterpiece.

Photo Composition Tips and Tricks

Would you like to take better photos? This article talks about some of the basic posing techniques in photography. Apply this to every photos you take and you will be a better photographer.

Wedding Photography Advice for Brides

Learn a few tips that will help you have a smoother wedding day with your photographer. Do a little planning ahead of time and reap the rewards of having stunning wedding photos that you will cherish for years to come.

Camera Angles in Photography

“Seeing things from different angles” evolved into political reasoning and what not. Literally, this term came from photography. It is true that a subject looks different when you view it from one angle to the other. There might be some beauty that can be seen at a certain angle that cannot be seen at the other side. It is then important to learn the camera angles in photography to be able to capture more beautiful sides of subjects.

To Trash Or Not to Trash the Dress!

We’ve all seen those amazing advertisements in magazines – a woman is in her gorgeous wedding gown, she looks like a model with that sultry look on her face, but the dress…well, it looks like the bride (or someone) has completely trash the dress. Most brides wouldn’t even THINK of doing this on their wedding day! And must less taking trash the dress photos! But these days, many are opting for this additional session to have a little fun as a married couple!

Finding the Right Camera Bag

Cameras are expensive and need to be protected. Camera bags make protection easy for the user. There are many varieties of camera bags today. The latest models have specialized interior compartments, to make finding your supplies a breeze.

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