How to Take Better Travel Portraits: 5 Tips with Esteban Toro

Is There a Union for Models?

Modelling is one of those professions where things aren’t exactly textbook. You don’t attend a University or TAFE to be ‘qualified as a model’, and although there are hundreds of modelling courses out there none of them guarantee work as a model in the way that say, a motor mechanics apprenticeship would. Anyone can become a model, and modelling can be done in any way! So how is such a creative and ever evolving industry measured or monitored? Are there standards model industry professionals are required to adhere to? Is there any way models can find out their rights and regulations?

Family Photographer – Finding the Perfect Lifelong Print

Family portraits may not be fun when you get them shot when you’re young, but looking back at them will make you appreciate it. Finding the right family photographer for the job will make a difference to your lifelong memory and the visual on your wall.

Five Useful Tips for Buying Your First Digital SLR Camera

Practical advice to consider when purchasing your first digital SLR camera for newbies. Find out what camera suits your needs and budget.

Creating Photo Art Prints As Visual Meditation

A meditation practice involves having a single point of focus, reducing any distractions. It involves quieting the mind chatter so that we can go deeper into our own being. Creating photo art prints can be seen as a form of visual meditation. It forces us to stop the hectic process of multitasking and devote our attention to a single point of focus. Furthermore as opposed to motion pictures in photo art prints the subject is completely still, frozen in time.

Wall Art or Wall Clutter – Which? (Display Prints With Lasting Interest)

Almost every photographer has had the urge to display his or her photo’s as wall art, but found a favorite image they enlarged, mounted and displayed soon became boring wall clutter. What went wrong? How do we go about successfully shooting, and presenting, for the result of display prints that will stand the test of time? Here are some tips to accomplish that!

Choosing a New Camera Lens

One of the main reasons people purchase Digital SLR’s is because they can interchange lenses. Below are tips on what to look for when buying new lenses.

Tips on Buying a Camera System

Buying the right photographic equipment cannot be rushed. To avoid regrets and wastefulness your purchasing decision must be based on a solid foundation – not on what the adverts tell us. A number of questions will guide us in reaching a decision.

Great Spots for Wedding and Engagement Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area

There is no doubt that the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most beautiful and sought after places in the world to say I do! Brides and Grooms are ‘Spoilt for choice’ when it comes to selecting a perfect location for their Engagement Portrait! We have some of the most fabulous natural and man made beauty in the world here in the Bay. From the sweeping views of downtown San Francisco to the lush vineyards of Sonoma and Napa, the San Francisco Bay Area delivers a world class package when it comes to Wedding and Engagement Photography. One of the benefits of being a San Francisco Wedding Photographer, is that I get to photograph couples in a variety of locations with breathtaking natural beauty. I thought that this would be a good place to give you my take on all this, so here we go!

Creative Ways to Display Photos From Facebook

It’s important to print Facebook photos for many reasons. You never know when you may no longer be able to access certain photos on Facebook, and having a copy of cherished photos ensures that they will never be lost. Photos are also enjoyed more fully when you have a physical copy of them on professional photo paper.

How to Preserve Photos and Why It’s So Important

This article will provide you with tips to help you preserve any photos you have from Facebook photos to any other personal photos that you print. It will also give you instructions for how to store photos for preservation. Let me first begin with some brief advice on how to help preserve your photos even before you print them.

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