How to Take Better Pet Portraits in Studio: 5 Tips with Adam Goldberg

Maintaining a Wearable Camera – What You Probably Don’t Know

Wearable cameras are relatively new in the video and camera markets. They have been around only in the…

How to Prepare Images for Your 360 Product Viewer

Most 360 degree product views on the Web are produced using 20-36 images per product. 20 images in particular offer a good balance between smoothness of the animation, download/wait times, and the amount of required photography and post-production efforts. Besides the number of images, it’s important to consider 360 product viewer dimensions when placed on your web pages and its zoom depth.

Tips for Taking Group Photographs

One of the most common photographs you will take is a group shot. This is the most popular type of photo taken at group events. There are a lot of different occasions where group pictures are taken, such as weddings, staff parties, family dinners, schools, parties, reunions, and numerous others.

Photographers Go Green

The photography is taking great steps towards becoming more environmentally responsible with the increased use of digital photography. The next step in becoming a more green industry is the use of online photo proofing to reduce wasted photo printing.

Photography – Qualities To Look For In A Corporate Headshot

Business people often need a good picture to promote themselves or their company. From actors to insurance agents, they all need a great headshot.

The Development of Photography

How does photography started? In the year 1820, Niepce and Daguerre were the first inventors who first introduce photography. They used an element of silver together with a chalk to cast a shadow out in the open.

Wave of the Future – Video Fusion Wedding Photography and the Death of the Videographer

Much like the evolution of the transition from film to digital photography changed the world of the professional photographer forever, so is the evolution of a new trend which has been named “fusion’ photography. Based upon the premise that most new cameras these days are coming equipped with HD video capabilities, wedding photographers are becoming increasingly involved in capturing video clips during weddings and producing beautiful HD slideshows complete with HD video combined with still images for their brides to enjoy. So, what does this say about the future of the professional videographer?

Aesthetics of Landscape Photography

Photography is a passionate art. Capturing a moment is the basic inspiration behind. Landscape photography is popular of being an important part of the decoration. It has a different artistic technique. This article gives an idea of the aesthetics of landscape photography.

Granddaughters Memories Preserved In Pictures

My grandparents are wonderful people and I have made sure to preserve some of my precious memories that I have of them. In this article I will share with you how I created everlasting memories.

Top 10 Tips for Photographing Children Age 1 Through 10

Photographing children can really be a challenge, but with a few simple techniques you can get through the session with some smiles and beautiful pictures. Here are 10 tips that have helped me to photograph children that I know will bring you success as well.

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