How to Start Deep Sky Astrophotography | 5 Tips with Brian Fulda

Family Portraits: 6 Essential Preparations You Have Never Heard

Of all the thousands and thousands of images that we are bound to take with our cameras in our lives, none has as much significance and importance as the creme de la creme of portraits; the family portrait. Unfortunately, the family portrait is one of the most difficult images to get right and also to prepare for. Here are 6 ways you can help prepare your family for their portrait with a professional photographer.

How to Become Successful Wedding Photographer?

Wedding is an important occasion for all of us. We all want to keep this happy moment of our life memorized with us. In this case, a camera and a bit of photography can help us.

Beginners Digital Photography Equipment Tips

When you first begin using your digital photography camera, make sure you have all the necessary equipments before you start photo-shooting. Of course having the right accessories for photo-shooting is important if you want to be successful with your career.

Canon Underwater Camera PowerShot D10 – A Solid Camera With Great Performance

There are several models of Canon underwater cameras to choose from but the first, and still the best, is the Canon PowerShot D10. This article will outline the main features and benefits of this solid and high performing camera.

Make Your Photos Better by Photo Retouching

Whether you a professional photographer, or a seasoned one, there are some techniques that you cannot be ignorant of in this field. Photo retouching, photo editing and photo shop masking are some techniques worth knowing which will help a photographer enhance the photos with ease. There are several tools available that will aid a photographer in achieving the perfect photo with least time and effort. And to use them, they must know basics of computer and have lots of creativity. There are cases where a photo has been completely transformed by using these techniques. The art of making a photo look real, appealing and absolutely stunning is achievable if one has the appropriate tools and knowledge on how to use them. In this article, we shall explore each one separately.

Improve Photography Techniques – 5 Easy Tips

Want to improve your photographic skills? This article is will give you a few simple ways to do just that.

Google’s Picasa Web – The Camera Lovers Dream

Picasa Web Albums has been the best free sharing enabled cloud storage I have ever used. With large amounts of features with complete editing capabilities, Picasa offers a huge advantage over the more popular Flickr. Though relatively unknown to date, I expect Picasa to be widely adopted with the introduction of Google+ and will likely be a popular and increasingly updated method of storage and sharing.

Nikon 24mm 2.8 AF Nikkor Lens Review – Is This a Good Wide Angle Lens?

Nikon truly creates excellent lenses through meticulous attention to detail as well as great consideration on the performance of their products just like what they have incorporated in the Nikon 24mm 2.8 lens. With this lens, you can definitely identify that it is created with the superb Nikkor quality.

Take Effective Photographs for Your Family Photo Book

Use portrait photography to create your own special family photo book with pictures of your kith and kin. Capture the right expression on each of your family member and make your personalized photo book.

Advice for the Bride and Groom – Different Photography Styles

It can seem like an absolute minefield deciding upon a wedding photographer to shoot your wedding. How much should you spend? How many hours coverage do you need? And more importantly what kind of style of photography should you go for? Yes, it’s VERY confusing! To help matters somewhat I thought I would explain a bit about the different kinds of approach that photographers take to their work. Here goes:

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