How to Shoot with Long Telephoto Lenses in the Field

Browsing For A Point And Shoot Camera? Get Started By Reading Buyers’ Evaluations

Point and shoot camera reviews give you precisely the sort of information you are looking for to make your decision much easier. If you are planning to purchase a digital camera in department shops or online shops, it’s a smart idea to do a bit of ground work first to check out a variety of products within your budget like the best point and shoot camera reviews. And also try to find information online in digital photography sites, techie sites, gadget and gizmos sites, as well as company sites.

5 Things Every Freelance Photographer Should Offer to Succeed

If you are planning a wedding, ensure that you take lots of photos on your special day to remind you of all the beautiful moments. To be able to capture those special moments, this will require a great deal of preparations.

Canon PowerShot SX130IS Review

The Canon SX130IS is a digital camera with a plethora of incredible characteristics and supreme features. The SX130IS product crafted by Canon gives you its customers the one of a kind of capability to capture each movies of amazing quality and breathtaking stills.

Southern Photography During the American Civil War

American Civil War buffs are very familiar with the work of Union photographers such as Matthew Brady. Unfortunately, many of the photos taken by Southern photographers did not survive the conflict.

How to Choose the Right Photographer for You

Having your photograph taken is a very personal thing. In some societies having a photograph taken is like taking a part of your soul whilst others more romantically say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether you want to hire a photographer for a family portrait, a special occasion or event or for the most important day of your life, your wedding day, the person you choose to take your photographs must be the right one for you. How do you choose this person?

Maintenance Tips For Your Digital Camera

A digital camera, particularly the latest model of a top brand, is one of people’s most prized possessions. For serious photographers, this device is a very important asset that needs utmost protection at all times. Proper maintenance is required to keep your camera free from damage.

Children’s Photography Secrets – Bokeh Nirvana The Easy Way

“Bokeh” is a beautiful soft effect in which the background of a photograph becomes like circles of blurred, translucent light. As a professional photographer, my lifelong quest has been to consistently capture images of a child’s face in which everything in front of and behind the eye gradually falls out of focus and the background dances with bokeh. The key to this effect, which I like to call, “Bokeh Nirvana,” is in the use of three very basic settings.

Photographing Children: Tips for Parents and Professionals

Top 5 tips for both parents and professionals for successful child photography. If you want to achieve the best photographs of your child or a clients child here are some essential tips for you to easily follow and implement.

You Will Be Pleased by Your Own Panoramic Photographs

Panoramic photography is regarded as one of the fastest growing technology for image processing, it creates images which capture a much wider perspective than the field of view of human eyes. Thanks to the enhanced ability both to access the internet with a high speed and to process images with a more powerful CPU, lots of technological breakthroughs of panoramic photography have been achieved.

Choosing a Tripod for Landscape Photography

A good landscape photographer knows that the most important piece of equipment (other than the camera itself) is a good tripod. Just like different lenses are built for different purposes, so are tripods. A photographer who travels and uses a tripod only occasionally will have different requirements than a photographer who photographs constantly in low light and difficult conditions. Here we are going to focus on things to consider specific to landscape photography.

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