How to Respectfully Approach & Photograph People with Ira Block

What’s In My Bag For Wedding Photography?

A look into what I carry in my photography bag when on wedding assignments. For those interested in photography gear, this will perk you up! I cover the lenses I pack and other accessories such as lighting and memory.

DSLR Photo Tip, Give Time Lapse Photography A Shot!

Time lapse photography can be a fun and highly creative weekend project. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot! Here’s how…

DSLR Photo Tip, What The Heck Is Back Button Focus?

If you have a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera, it probably has the “back button focus” function. What the heck is is? And how is it used?

A Photographer’s Love-Hate Relationship With Pinterest

Since Pinterest first entered the world of the internet, women and men all over the world have found this site helpful, inspiring, and fun. Even I have posted on the blog before about how much I love Pinterest – especially when it first came out. It’s one of those websites that can really suck you in and you can lose hours of your day before you even know what happened! You can find everything from recipes to fitness tips to clothes and home decor. Anything you could possibly want to find on the internet is probably buried somewhere on someone’s Pinterest Board. But as a photographer, I have quickly developed a love-hate relationship with the Pin-It website.

XQD: The Latest in Memory Cards

Just as digital cameras are improving, so do the memory cards. They’re partners anyway hence, it’s just fitting that when one advances, the other follows suit.

How to Take Great Close-Up (Macro) Photos

Do you want beautiful product photos? Or are you a nature buff and you want bright, clear photos of your favourite flower? Whatever your reason this article will help you to do just that.

Why Not to Cut Costs When Looking for a Wedding Photographer

Picture this… You’re getting married. You’ve ordered your wedding outfits, booked the venue, caterer and DJ, ordered the cake, bought the bridesmaids dresses, and now you want someone to capture the beautiful memories of your big day.

Professional Interior and Architectural Photographer Shares Useful Lighting Techniques

The expectations and demands for high quality architectural photography has changed throughout the years and the architectural photographer must adjust his techniques, especially with respect to interior photography. Architecture is always evolving; to quote the great architect Louis Sullivan; “form follows function” and as new building materials, such as energy efficient UV glass, become more available, they can make more practical, the form and function of the architecture. Many architects, especially in the scenic Southwest, are now designing homes with expansive windows to visually bring the outside views of the landscape into the home, which although is very photographic, can also be challenging for an architectural photographer.

How to Make a Stunning Photo? – Playing About the Depth of Field

The article is about the understanding of how to use the depth of field to take better pictures. The author attempts to clarify how to pull different controls to achieve different effects in an accessible way. The reader will also find a couple of examples on how to achieve the best results by applying different effects to different areas of photography.

A Simple Way To Earn An On-Line Income Using The Magic Of Photoshop Digital Backgrounds

Digital backgrounds are fast becoming the preferred way to create an endless variety of backdrops for all types of photographic work, and for people who have the know-how to create backgrounds using software such as Photoshop, this presents a fantastic opportunity to also create a profitable online business. The advantages that digital backgrounds, props and sets offer are many, but primarily it is the ease of producing variety, without having to store and maintain physical props that is prompting many professional photographers to abandon muslin for digital…

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