How To Resize an Image WITHOUT Stretching It – Photoshop Tutorial

Do What You Want With Your Photos

Just imagine your smiling face on an election campaign banner in front of the White House proclaiming you as the next President of the United States. Now imagine the same photo of you on a newspaper being chewed upon by your dog. This is the magic of photo editing. There are some fun photo effects on the web that one can use to generate these kinds of images. The conventional minded may argue that adding effects to photos is superfluous and degrades the photos, but in today’s era of popular photo-sharing websites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and others, there’s no harm in experimenting with some fun photo effects and then sharing those funny photos on these websites.

5 Reasons For GoPro Dive Housing For Your Camera

Taking a good photo underwater can be tricky business, especially when you get into the deeper side of diving. Pictures can get blurry and distorted, not to mention how difficult it is to keep a lot of other camera housing cases sealed properly.

GoPro Hero: Five Must Have Accessories For Your Camera

The Hero camera is one of the top rated products in its class for a very good reason. It largely due to the varied and useful accessories that you can purchase and add to your picture and video taking experience.

Licenses of Stock Photography

You must have noticed that when you buy Stock Photographs online, you get licenses like RF or RM. But what does it mean? I have, in the following article, described the various licenses.

How to Choose a Photography Tutorial

There is more to photography than picking up a camera and taking a photograph. With each image that you take, technique and passion must shine through. For this you need to find a well structured photography tutorial and learn about the art of taking photographs.

High Schools Sports: Capturing Moments of A Lifetime

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Moses Malone all have one thing in common. They all went straight from high school into the professional world of sports at very young ages. All three of these players were extremely talented basketball players that had been scouted by all the best colleges and even professional teams. What allowed them all to make the transition from high school to the pro’s was recorded film and pictures of their performances day in and day out. Without the help of High School Sport Photography none of these great basketball players would have gotten the nationwide notoriety they deserved.

Steps to Achieve Best Results in Digital Photography

If you want to achieve the best results in digital photography, you have to follow some essential points. Some of the major ones have been discussed below.

Secrets to Use Your Digital Camera Like a Pro

Photography is a great hobby for self-expression and distressing. Majority of digital camera owners nowadays have fun while taking pictures of places, individuals, and scenarios which others simply don’t notice. Like what the old saying suggests, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Cool Photo Archives

Numerous people do not know much about photo effects, despite the fact that they are passionate about photography. This can be an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. Why? The photo effects are there to improve a photo shot, but when they are used in excess they can have a negative impact. So it is important to understand clearly what the cool photo effects can do to the original image. For example, the cool photo effects used with a lot of creativity can enhance a photograph and make it look more vibrant. They can also help a photographer remove an error in his/her photo, as errors might occur even if you are a professional in the industry.

How To Best Display Your Pictures Using Photo Frames

Displaying your pictures on the walls of your home needs your artistic talent. You can follow the steps mentioned in this article so that you can showcase your pictures in the best possible way.

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