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Macro Photography on Your Southern African Safari

The best lighting for nature photography is the first 2-3 hours after dawn and last 2-3 hours before dusk hence most game drives are done during these times. The safari vehicle leaves camp before sunrise and returns by about 09h00 and then leaves again at about 15h00. That means for six hours you don’t photograph – unless you are a macro photographer of course, which means you can shoot all day and night if you choose to! The four most famous southern African game reserves of Kruger, Kgalagadi, and Pilanesberg in South Africa as well as Etosha in Namibia provide great opportunities for macro photography.

The Image Makers And Photography

Photography is a fascinating art. It expresses the cultural and social values and promotes the culture of the people of a country. It also helps in introducing the way of living and their style to the modern world. It preserves the culture of the people of a country.

Bird Photography on Your Southern African Safari

If you are a bird photographer then a southern African safari has much to offer you, not only in the prime summer months, but also in the winter months! Here we discuss our birding experiences in four of southern Africa’s most famous game reserves to help you choose your destination.

Add Photographs – Remember Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is an opportunity for all members of the family to reunite and mix with friends. Photographs are a lovely way to capture the happy event and provide memories to treasure.

A Great Digital Camera Under 100 Dollars

Need a great digital camera under 100 dollars that is dependable and reasonably priced? If so, the Nikon Coolpix L22 digital camera is worth checking into. This small and compact camera does what a lot of larger sized cameras do but at a fraction of the price. Not to mention, the size is a plus and can be easily toted around.

Potential Guide to Essential Clipping Path Services

Here is a potential guide that can create not only impressions but also the right impact. Online photo editing companies apply creative techniques and tools. Although the services are available only with experience and knowledge one learns how to make them useful for their clients.

Landscape Photography on a Southern African Safari

When many people think of a ‘safari’ they automatically picture a Land Cruiser thundering across the hot and dusty African savanna chasing after the ‘big-five’ animals, yet a southern African safari can be so much more, especially if you are doing a self-drive safari. On a guided safari you are at the mercy of the driver and other passengers while on a self-drive safari you are the boss and you decide where you will go and how long you will stay.

Transform Your Pictures With Cool Photo Effects

Enhance your old digital photographs with photo effects online. Free online tools are available that allow you to modify your pictures with a wide range of effects to use for greeting cards, collages or to make interesting profile pictures. It’s easy to use and will put an exciting twist on any old photos.

The Love of Wedding Photography and How to Choose Your Photographer Wisely

Why is it wedding photography gets certain people’s mouths watering? The contrast of colours, the black of his suit against the white of her dress, the use of natural light and outdoor locations, the passion in the subjects eyes… it’s the magic of the day captured in time, forever. But how do you know which photographer will be perfect for you?

On Camera Flash Photography Tips

If you already own a DSLR camera then you are halfway there to capturing some beautiful images. However having a camera alone isn’t going to make you an excellent photographer. Knowing how to use the camera on the other hand will. In this article I am going to discuss how to use on camera flash to get some pretty excellent results.

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