How to Plan a National Park Landscape Photography Adventure | 5 Tips with Michael Hollender

Digital Photography – Buying Tips For Beginners

Buying a new camera is an exciting time. New photographers should count the cost before buying. This article describes some of the needs of new photographers.

Balancing Your Flash With Available Light

Create better photographs capturing both the subject and background with clarity. Exposing your subject is what most people think of first, however, by also properly exposing your background you can created a more pleasing or breathtaking photograph. Imagine your subject at sunset, with the proper settings you can enhance the sunset instead of just your subject.

3 Basic Tips in Digital Photography for the Typical Hobbyist

One of the greatest inventions today is the digital cameras. This latest innovation enables people who are not familiar to use a digital camera easily. Even typical users and aspiring photographers can easily get along with a digital camera without spending too much money and time.

Garden Photography and the Unique Challenges It Presents

The beauty of living in the South is that I get to enjoy my garden almost year round. While gardens in the Northeast look a bit sad in the winter. Gardens in the South provide color throughout the year. This is especially true in several local gardens in Charleston South Carolina.

Presenting a Vision With Editorial Photography

It has been said numerous times that a picture is worth a thousand words and nowhere else is this truer than with editorial photography. Newspapers and magazines that publish photographs that accompany articles are using this type of photography to add visualization to their printed stories. The use of pictures to accompany articles may not pay as much as commercial or corporate photography but is a great way to achieve name recognition.

Learning to Capture Moves in Dance Photography

Persons interested in dance photography should be prepared for a lot of trial and error as they learn how to use the settings on their cameras to capture the right dance moves at the right time. Guests at a wedding reception for example, will usually find their dance pictures out of focus, washed out by a flash or the subjects not even in the picture. The biggest problem with those new to dance photography is the equipment they use.

All About Celebrity Photography

The idea of using photography to disseminate images of famous men and women is as old as photography itself. From the middle 1850s and onwards almost all of the large portrait studios entered the celebrity picture business. Every photographer had his or her specialty.

Getting the Most From Bridal Photography

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important, and special, of her life. As such, bridal photography is one of the most important forms of photography. After all, the bride only gets one chance to capture every moment of this penultimate day.

Photography in the Wilderness

What is wilderness? A dictionary defines wilderness as: “a wild, uninhabited, and uncultivated region “. The dictionary doesn’t reveal the emotions, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that a photographic session in a mountainous environment can achieve. It’s common to find trekkers and hikers that visit high level mountain scenes, being in ecstasy at the beauty in front of them. It’s difficult to put into words the sense of wonder that engulfs you. However, there’s another reality you must face, not all of it joyous.

Shutter Lag – The Nemesis Of Action Photography

Did you ever try to get a good action shot only to find that you totally missed the subject altogether? That problem is due to shutter lag. In this article, shutter lag is explained, and a solution for getting better action shots is suggested.

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