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Sigma 18-200 Lens – The Third Party Super Zoom Alternative

The Sigma 18-200 is a high zoom ratio lens that was designed for the APS-C digital SLR cameras. It is capable for covering different types of focal lengths. The lens comes with two SLD glass elements and two aspherical lenses that will offer corrections to a variety of aberrations. This also allows this lens to be housed in a compact and lightweight construction measuring only 70mm in diameter, 78.1mm in length and 405g in weight.

Sigma 50-150 Lens Review – High Performance Telephoto Lens for APS-C DSLR

The Sigma 50-150 combines the focal length range, size and weight as well as the wide aperture from the more professional telephoto lens. It comes with a flat plane of sharp focus but with a slight curve or distortion at the wide end. It comes with the latest optical technology and offers the users a good correction for ghosting, flare and aberration thus assuring them of high quality images all through the zoom range.

Sigma 18-125 Lens Review – The All in One Solution for APS-C Camera

Sigma 18-125 comes with the unique Optical Stabilizer function, which makes use of two sensors inside the lens. It will detect the horizontal and vertical movement from the camera, and then moves the optical image-stabilizing lens to compensate for the camera shake. With this system, the users will benefit from shutter speeds that are approximately 4 stops lower than usual. With the OS, it is possible for the users to capture subjects in motion.

Sigma 24-70 HSM Review – Full Frame Lens With HSM Mechanism

Designed for the full time frame cameras, the Sigma 24-70 HSM is becoming popular among many users. It comes with a focal length of 24mm and it comes on a compact construction. This design comes with an overall length of 94.7cm…

Sigma 18-50 Review – Fast Standard Zoom Lens

The Sigma 18-50 comes with a large aperture zoom and it is specifically designed for digital SLR cameras with at least 20 cm of focusing distance. This makes it a great choice for close up photography. This lens combines the hybrid aspherical lens technology with the glass mold one to offer high quality images, peripheral brightness and a compact structure.

Sigma 17-70 OS In-Depth Analysis

The Sigma 17-70 OS is a new version of the Sigma 17-70mm. It has been designed for different DSLR cameras and those photographers who are looking to enjoy the benefits of an extra zoom and extra apertures. This new version will provide the elements that were absent in the older version, including the OS and HSM motor.

The Sigma 17-70 Lens Review

The Sigma 17-70 lens is designed for the Canon digital SLR cameras. It is a macro lens that performs well even in low light conditions. It comes with an inner focusing system that offers a speedy auto focus and at the same time prevents the front lens from rotating. It is also fitted with a zoom lock switch, which will get rid of the zoom creep as it is transported.

The New Sigma 10-20 3.5 Wide Angle Lens Review

As one of the newest products from Sigma Corporation, the Sigma 10-20 3.5 is a super wide angle lens with a maximum aperture of F3.5. The wide angle view makes it possible to produce striking yet exaggerated images. The aperture makes it an ideal lens for indoor shooting and allows the users to concentrate on their subject.

How To Paint With Light The Right Way

Light painting is a photographic technique involving long-exposure photographs. This technique involves moving a hand held light or moving the camera itself while taking a photo. Light will appear smeared across the photograph in various shapes, figures, and letters. The technique is also referred to as light graffiti as exposures often look like graffiti on walls. This type of artwork has become increasingly popular in the past few years with the advent of digital photography. This tutorial will teach you how to create your first “light painting” piece of artwork.

Panasonic 45mm – The Leica Macro Lens Made for Micro Four Thirds

The Panasonic 45mm is a compact lens that provides outstanding image quality. It is a type of macro lens which has an in-built image stabilizer. The one to one magnification ratio allows you to get close-ups to capture an object’s real size. This unique feature in the Panasonic 45mm also helps to enhance mobility because it makes it possible for you to capture landscapes, telephoto snapshots and portraits.

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