How to Photograph Unique Portrait Subjects (And Why)

Advanced Digital Photography

Well, this article on Advanced Digital Photography is going to be slightly different, instead it is more Guerilla Digital Photography, and here’s why. If you are like me, and decided it was time to get a really amazing DSLR but wasn’t able to get a professional lightly set up, never fear, because this is a quick, if not inventive way of doing it a little differently.

The Use of Monopods

Most amateur photographers would not worry if one or two of their photos come out blurry, but if you are professional or serious about photography, then using some sort of stabilization equipment such as tripod or monopod is highly recommended. In addition, while the heavier and bulkier tripods are ideal for superb and crystal clear shots, they are often not suitable for situations, where quick deployment and minimal weight is required.

Monopod Vs Tripod – What to Choose?

The tripods have three legs and the monopods one, which is actually obvious from the names of these stabilization accessories, but there are other differences, which you need to consider before purchasing the one or the other. Of course, if you are a professional or semi-professional photographer, then you probably have at least one of each as your job would be far more challenging if you do not.

Monopods and Tripods

There are great many situations, where all you need for a great picture is a mid-range camera and a steady hand, but in low-light scenario or when aiming for the perfect shot, you could rarely go without some form of camera support. The most used support equipment are the tripods and the monopods, where the former are very stable, but heavy, and the latter are more versatile and easy to transport. They are used not only in photography, but perfectly capable of supporting other equipment such as night vision or laser scopes and come in different shapes, forms, and price ranges.

The Top Five Monopods

The monopods are ideal for any travelling photographer or in situations, where carrying and setting up the more stable, yet bulkier and heavier tripods is not practical. They are also easier to deploy, versatile, and could provide the needed stability for almost all kinds of digital and film cameras. When snapping pictures for your family album while on holiday, you might not need any stabilization equipment, but if you are a professional or serious amateur photographer, then owing a monopod or tripod (and often both) is a must.

Using A Monopod or Tripod

If you are professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, there is time when you realize that a steady hand and built-in image stabilization is not enough to take the perfect shot. This is where the stabilization equipment comes in and even though you could find quite a few unique and ingenious devices on the market, most photographers normally use tripods and monopods. The tripod has three legs and offers greater stability, but is heavier and difficult to carry on outdoor trips or use in a crowded room, while the monopod is easy to set up and lightweight, but has only one leg and therefore is less stable.

Norms or Standard Photographic Print Dimensions

If seizing the day or literally interpreting the saying, ‘Carpe Diem’ to reality, then photography is one of the best medium to ‘really capture’ the moment. Photography had improved and developed a lot since its usage and had changed the way documentation had been done.

Silver Frames: Cheap Way To Keep Nostalgic Memories Saved

If you wondering why people opt for silver frames in the first place, the simple reason that attributed for its popularity lies in its ability to make things look beautiful and elegant. There are many who love these frames ostensibly, because they have an amazing ability to make pictorial depictions add a flavor of grace and beauty. There are times when such grace and beauty in it makes those prized moments aristocratic and classy.

The Importance of House Beautiful Magazine

One of the most popular home décor information generator available in today’s world is the house beautiful magazine. It is a magazine that focuses on each & every aspect related to the building of a house and associated features to make them look more beautiful, stunning and appealing.

Photo Framing Techniques

Framed art works make a beautiful addition to any home or office. It can change the entire effect of the interior decoration of a home. The framing techniques of picture have been changed radically in modern times.

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