How to Photograph Silky-Smooth Waterfalls #Shorts

Architectural Photography – Shooting at Twilight Can Add Drama

An architectural photographer can create dramatic images of buildings that perhaps at first glance, do not seem to be all that photographic. Understanding architectural design and then selecting the angles that best portray the building, combined with critical lighting – which is determined by time of day – are all essential components in fine architectural photography. Many buildings can appear much more dramatic when photographed at either dusk or dawn

Hand Painted Canvas Photography

When you want to capture tender memories in photos, make sure you go for a high end portrait. Hand painted canvas photography is the best option because of its impressive quality that you will admire for years.

Which Camera Type Is Ideal For Underwater Photography?

It’s true that so many amazing sceneries can be found on land worth taking photos of. There are the beautiful landscapes, sunsets, mountain ranges, plains and a lot more.

Things To Look For In A Reliable Waterproof Camera

In choosing digital cameras, many people consider the quality of images the device can take as top priority. This is okay particularly if you’re taking photos on dry land. But if you’re going underwater, there are other important factors you need to take into account.

Camera Upgrade or Not

When should upgrade your digital camera to get the most out of your photography needs? Know what technology is offered since your last purchase and what might be coming out new in the line of a digital SLR.

The Best Photography Locations in Lancashire

Whether you are looking to simply expand your portfolio or you require an outdoor shoot for the front cover of a magazine then it is important to have a dramatic and recognisable location for maximum impact. In Lancashire there are numerous stunning locations where you can take free photographs to your hearts content. If you are a keen photographer in Lancashire then it is highly likely you will be aware of some of these places we are going to look at already, however hopefully there will be a few surprises to wet your appetite.

Re-Creating the Film Noir Look in Photography

Crime drama, Private investigators, gumshoes, the P.I, shadows, smoke, the Femme Fatale, these are the stuff of Hollywood’s Film Noir. I have always loved the movies of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Did The Low-Cost Disposable Camera Slow the Digital Camera Disruption Development By 2-Years?

Way back in 1989 a company came up with an ingenious device – the disposable camera. This was just about the time the first digital cameras were being developed, still too costly to afford for the average person. Not that, a full-on 35mm professional photographer’s camera wasn’t but there just wasn’t that much need for digital cameras yet, although as the internet progressed that would certainly change soon enough.

Posing Made Easy!

Posing people during photo shoots can be a tricky task. Where do you put all those people? How do you make her look thinner? How do I figure out what makes my subject look best? It’s actually all very simple if you keep just a few things in mind.

Photographer’s Fitness Secret

Recent studies indicate surprising benefits that make photography the perfect health activity for baby-boomers. Is digital photography going to be the next big fitness craze?

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