How to Photograph Birds: 5 Tips with Kristi Odom

Honey, I’m Shooting the Kids! Great Photography – Anytime, Anywhere

When people find out I’m a photographer I often hear “I’ve always wanted to do a photography course” or “I’m terrible when it comes to photos” and more often than not it leads into my mantra… “just take more and you’ll get better.” I’m not sure who said it but I love the quote “The best camera is the one you have with you” and the huge explosion of reasonable quality camera’s we now have on our mobile phones and the improvement in quality of compact point and shoot digital camera’s, means we are well equipped to keep snapping.

Photography Rocks! Why Photography Is Such A Great Hobby

It’s a simple question. Why am I taking pictures? What’s so special about photography compared to other visual art forms?

Digital SLR Cameras – Dynamic Range Explained

Ideally the photos we take with a digital SLR camera will duplicate what we see with our eye. This does not occur because of what is called dynamic range. The dynamic range of the camera determines how closely the photo will resemble what the human eye can see regarding color, contrast, shadows, and highlights.

What Is Depth of Field in Photography?

Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and farthest points from the camera that arc in acceptably sharp focus in the image. The amount of depth of field in the image is a function of the interaction of two factors – The image magnification and the f-number to which the lens is set.

Camera Bags: For Your Camera Security

If you are an avid photographer then you no doubt have purchased one if not more professional cameras that are high quality and quite expensive. If you are a professional camera man or woman than your cameras are probably worth a small fortune when placed in one location, which is why you do not want to take any chances either when storing your items or when transporting items from one location to the next.

Commercial Advertising Photography – The Art Of Fooling The Eye

Whilst it’s easy to admire the look of the product and the skill of the photographer, in most cases commercial advertising photography is not about what you see, but about what you don’t see. You might think that when you look at an advertising image what you’re seeing is what the photographer saw, but that is invariably not the case.

How Product Photographers Tackle Indoor Plant Problems

If you don’t have anything much better to do over the next hundred hours or so, try this. Take a photograph of an indoor plant in a nice pot, and then on the computer very carefully remove the background. This will mean carefully going round every leaf with your mouse, cutting away the bits of background visible between the leaves and stems. Now look in a catalogue which displays plants for sale, or online, and notice just how many plants they have on sale.

Digital Photography for Beginners: What About Equipment?

Digital photography transformed image making. Not unlike the original revolutionary transformation of photography into a popular medium of the late 1890’s when George Eastman invented roll film and in 1892 formed the Eastman Kodak Company to sell cameras, film and processing as a package deal, digital photography provides the average person with instant access to images. Pretty amazing!

The Hidden Art Of Product Photography

It’s very easy to assume that product photography is all about photographing products. The truth, however, is rather different. That’s not to say that the products don’t feature in the photographs, but there’s a good deal more that’s going on. When you look in a catalogue at a photo of a wardrobe, or a bed, what do you see?

How Advertising Photographers Are Like Story Writers

In one very important respect advertising photographers are not all that dissimilar to writers of stories and books. A good writer will include a definite beginning, a middle and an end in every story. This is of course greatly simplifying the process, but any story will have a beginning section where foundations, introductions and preparations are made, a middle where the meat of the story is developed, and an ending where everything is wrapped up.

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