How to Pack for Travel Photo Assignments with Joe McNally

Digital Camera Accessories That Make Great Christmas Gifts

The holiday season 2010 is here and Christmas is just around the corner. For sure, many of you have been making a list of possible presents you can give to loved ones and friends. Creating an ideal gift list may be an issue for some of you but if you consider digital camera accessories, they will truly be useful.

Don’t Buy a DSLR Camera Bag If It Isn’t a Crumpler

If you’re unfamiliar with Crumpler camera bags then you should seriously research more about them because they really do produce the best photography bags on the planet while being extremely affordable. Crumpler are one of the best bag makers in the world and this is seen throughout their entire product range. Camera bags, laptop bags and even purses made by Crumpler are all made for one person and that person is the user of the product.

A Few Ideas About How To Create A Photo Album

People have always been making some memories that will last lifelong one of them being an album that is a photo album. In the traditional way of making a photo album people collect pictures or photos and paste them is some order and artistic way in a book or an album. It is kept safely so that it can be referred to any time.

Honest Review of the Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Photography Bag

When I was in the market for a camera bag I wanted one that wasn’t going to scream “camera bag” to the outside world. I also wanted a bag that wasn’t too bulky but at the same time big enough to fit my equipment into. After researching various different camera bags I eventually found the Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home Photo Bag.

The Canon Rebel XSi Digital Camera Combines Quality and Value

Those who have thought about buying canon rebel may be considering how this DSLR stacks up. Read this article to find out more.

Crumpler Camera Bags – Why You Need a Crumpler

Crumpler camera bags come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes for this reason alone they make excellent photography bags, in this article I aim to show you exactly why you need to buy a Crumpler DSLR bag. Before I ever used a photography bag I was a little bit silly and used to throw my very expensive digital camera into a messenger type bag simply because it was more discreet than any DSLR bag I had seen on the market, however the main disadvantage of this was that there was no protection in the messenger bag and…

Understanding Flash Guns to Get the Best From Your Photography

As a budding photographer your first piece of kit would probably be the camera body and lens combo. This will get you started taking shots. Next up as your experience increase you might find you need to invest in a flashgun to widen your repertoire.

Camera Raw

One of the big topics of conversation over the last few years has been the subject of ‘Raw’ files and ‘digital negatives’. During this time the capture format has gone from being an option for high-end work only to a key part of most professionals’ work flows. we looked at the first few steps involved in optimizing a digital capture, be it Raw based or TIFF or JPEG.

Connotative Approach With Location Photography

Apparel makers have long known that their type of outfits can carry on a totally exclusive fashion sense and an expectation of quality simply by associating the line with some well-known places and scenes. A Japanese firm, for example, offering its newest handbag, perhaps known as Le Bag, may very well make the item from materials from Japan, by Japanese workers, in Japanese factories, and yet, get to the difficulty of hiring French models in Paris to carry Le Bag open under the several well-known French sculpture in downtown Paris.

A Child Digital Camera: Little Ones Start to See the Entire World Anew With the Lens

It is only normal in today’s world of wall-to-wall entertainment to concern yourself with what impact it could possibly have on your little one to be fully surrounded by amusement. It is not difficult of course to set boundaries on how long young children get with their video game consoles or on the net; but what does one do about the minicomputers that cellular phones have become these days – and the time kids spend on the computer at their friends’ homes?

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