How To Match Fonts in Photoshop

Scanning Photos? The Best Scanner Settings

Whether you are scanning photos for a slideshow, a genealogy project, for photo restoration and photo retouching, for a life story video (the usual reason I scan photographs) – or for any other reason, you will want to know the right scanner settings. This article sets you straight on scanner settings for photo printing, for video work, and for display on your computer.

Fine Art Photography Explained

The term fine art photography is probably a new term but it is so often heard now that it is a category by itself under the art of photography. Some people may, of course, be confused by the term ‘fine art’ being combined with ‘photography’. Since photography is an art form by itself, it is actually quite natural to combine it and come out with a fine art category.

Unforgettable Holiday Photographs – Software to Unleash Your Creativity and Share Your Memories

You’ve been planning your holiday for months. You’ve researched the destination, chosen accommodation and planned fun activities. You’ve packed everything you’ll need in your suitcase and you’ve got a great camera and know how to use it. But do you know how to make the most of those special moments you’ll catch on film? If you know what it’s possible to do when you return home you might take more pictures while you’re away.

Boudoir Photography: How to Make Your Photos Classy

Photography is a great profession and no other profession or field is as glamorous as photography. A photographer is one who can get the best out of the model that is not just about the looks, but in terms of tone and mood of the picture as well. The true meaning of “boudoir” is a lady’s bedroom or her private sitting area.

Why Is It Beneficial To Attend Photography Workshops?

A photography workshop is a place to which everyone who is interested in photography should pay a visit every once in a while; especially the workshops organized by the renowned professionals. It is a great place to observe and learn, not to mention the opportunity to discuss your own ideas with expert photographers. The experience and knowledge that you can gather from a good photography workshop is simply something that you cannot acquire anywhere else.

Framing Memories for a Lifetime!

Decorative picture frames not only help you protect your photographs, but also make an attractive addition to your interior decor. With customized picture frames, you can decide the exact specification, size, and style of your photo frame. You can save memories for a lifetime with custom wood picture frames.

The Importance of Camera Bags and Video Tripods

If you have a camera and you intend to shoot video with it, if you want to shoot the best videos possible, you need to keep the camera still while you’re shooting. It doesn’t matter how steady you may believe yourself to be, if you’re holding a camera in your hand, it’s going to shake and keep your video from being perfect. This is the reason why you need a video tripod if you want to shoot great video.

Photography: How to Stay Inspired

Photography is the art of capturing the original scene that you see in front of your eyes through an electronic device called Camera. The art not only illustrates the originality of the images but also give large scope for changing or manipulating the very nature of them. The required changes or illustrations can be done effectively through amazing software known as “Photoshop”.

Becoming a Wedding Photographer

There has been such a huge influx of people wanting to make a living through wedding photography these days, that I almost get as many enquiries from people wanting to become my assistant as I do enquiries from people getting married. I’ve worked as a photographer for over twenty years and have specialised in wedding photography for the past six, shooting between 35 and 40 weddings every year. The number of wedding photographers setting up in this area has massively increased in this time, which may be partly due to the amount of redundancies.

How To Benefit From Using A Tripod

Some people think that using a tripod for taking photos can be time consuming and not fun at all. You add weight to your bag and you still need to set it up before you can start clicking away. But if you’re a person who wants to take clear photos all the time and are serious in photography, this digital camera accessory is very helpful.

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