How to Mask in Photoshop 2020 – Select and Mask Tutorial


Top 10 Must Haves for Successful Photography

As a photographer trying to grow your new photography business, the process can feel overwhelming and you can become inundated with advice. In this article, we will discuss the essentials for producing great photography and building a successful photography business.

The Beach – A Photography Haven

The beach scene is one of the most commonly photographed because the beach is a naturally beautiful location and also because people on the beach are usually relaxing and are casually having loads of fun. This makes it possible for photographers to choose between portrait photography, landscape or a combination.

5 Tips On How To Take Great Water Photos

There are many water forms that you can use to make great photos. Some of these forms include: breaking waves and cascading waterfalls. For you to create take awesome water photos you need to put a number of tips into consideration. These tips include:

The Importance of Good Product Photography

Whether you’re taking photos for a website, brochure or advertising campaign, good product photography is essential. In the following article I run through why taking good photos is so important and what you need to be aware of as a product photographer.

Change the Way You Lived So Far

Bring an ordinary picture and take a reformed one with you so that you can have an opportunity to recollect your old memories with a suitable background. This article is about removing background from a photo.

Top 5 Tips For Flattering Photos

Looking for tips to take better photos? Well you’ll find some of the most valuable ones here. These only cover the basics but we recommend that you invest in some photography books because they are more likely to give you more advice and show you the ropes.

Senior Class Portraits: The First Impression

Make this time the most memorable moment of your life. The school is about to end, you’ll step into the real world soon and have many responsibilities, so spend this time being carefree and happy.

Creating a Photography Studio in a Greenhouse

Creating a photography studio from a greenhouse may not appear as the ideal environment, however when consulting a greenhouse expert and examining all the glazing options available in combination with shading and screen systems, an incredibly photogenic environment sourced by natural light can be created. A stand alone greenhouse provides the opportunity to incorporate interior dividing walls. This incorporation creates separate storage areas or climate zones, ensuring a comfortable environment for your clients without sacrificing a hobby greenhouse area.

What Is Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation has been in use from the late 1920’s. Early examples of image manipulation may include those of Joseph Stalin which were used for propaganda purposes. This article will illustrate the significance and use of image manipulation throughout the years.

How Can An Old Photo Restoration Help You?

Worried about your crazy childhood photos or some old pictures got damaged? Do not be upset about it, as you can find so many modern tools to get your pictures restored. Restoring Old Photos and gifting them can be the best gift ever to your family and friends to make them remind of the moments or memories that have passed with time.

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