How to Make Better Stop Motion Videos: 5 Tips with Lea Motion

Thousands of Photos Later With the 550D From Canon – A Review of the Rebel T2i Camera

After purchasing two Canon 550D’s in May 2010 the following is a summary of my experiences with the regards to the performance of the cameras during the past 6 months. From an overall perspective, both examples of the 550D Canon cameras have performed exceedingly well – but with the good comes a little of the bad.

Canon’s EOS 550D DSLR and Some ‘Everyday’ Tools Can Make You Create Like a Classical Artist

Today’s dSLR technology combines amazing High Tech innovations that allow us all to become master artists. A medium capability Canon or Nikon dSLR camera, a good lens or two, your average desk top PC and the best Image Editing software gives you tools that were not only in our dreams a few years ago. I saw some of the technology in prototypes in IBM laboratories in the last half the the last century and am delighted to hold such power in my hands today. The tools even stimulate our imaginations. What is holding us back from becoming master artists? Only the desire and a willingness to learn a little.

Top Trends In Photography Web Design

Today’s website builders offer an easy solution to photography web designing. This article discusses 6 current trends in photography web design worth noting.

Cancelling Discarded Things From an Image As You Wish

Frequently we need to eliminate unwanted things from our photograph. By eliminating unnecessary things from any images or photographs, easily we can make them perfect as we wish.

Enjoy Your Holiday Decorations All Year Long With A Picture: Another Photography Tip

Do you get a little sad when it comes time to take your holiday decorations down? If so this article may help.

Blood, Sweat and Tears – The Art of Photographing Children

Children are the most wonderful subjects to photograph – they can make you sweat blood, stand on your head, max out every emotion of frustration, helplessness and exhaustion you have ever had – and then make up for it all with their innocent exuberance, gorgeous open smiles and their beautiful young bodies and faces. Often the pleasure of photographing children comes after the shoot!

Don’t Have a Monkey’s Wedding – Plan, Plan, Plan

The best way to choose a wedding photographer (or any photographer for that matter) is word of mouth, followed by a close scrutiny of their work. Ask to look at several complete weddings, rather than a small selection of the best work. You don’t just want one or two great pics!

Wallpapers – The Power of Wallpapers

Wallpapers, which are also known as screensavers, or desktops, are not made of the pretty paper you roll out and adhere to the inner walls of your house. However, they can be a picture of just about anything you can think of. Contemporary and versatile, wallpapers adorn our computers, cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Our surroundings would be pretty dull without them! They can be the object of your adoration, whether that is a person, place, or thing. They come in hundreds of categories, such as animals, celebrities, sunsets, rain, space, seasons, and holidays.

How to Take Great Pictures With a DSLR Camera – 5 Tips

This article will give you 5 specific tips on how to improve the quality of your pictures. With DSLR cameras becoming more affordable, many people are upgrading their cameras in order to take advantage of the increased flexibility and performance that these cameras offer. These 5 tips will help you make the most of your DSLR.

Digital Photography Basics 101

Unless you’re the type whom is content with the aim and shoot convenience of a self-adjusting camera, there are some digital photography basics you need to know. Understanding ISO settings as shutter speed and aperture will enable you to take eye appealing pictures in various lighting conditions. Having a camera with manual adjustments also allows you to be extra creative by adding special affects to your pictures.

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