How To Make a Realistic Coin In Photoshop

3 Digital Photography Tips – Straightforward Info On Capturing Stunning Shots!

There are lots of digital photography tips that you can find online. However, most of the time, you’ll find them either too technical or too advanced for you to understand. So this time we’ll go to the basics of digital photography…after all capturing amazing images and turning them into breathtaking masterpieces need not be complicated.

Tips On Low Light Photography

Shooting in low light situations can be a challenge to any photographer. Every camera reacts differently to situations where the internal light meter is telling the camera there isn’t enough light. In most such situations the camera will default to the only option it has for adding more light, the built-in flash unit.

Remembering Where How Far We’ve Come

In the business of photography, it’s sometimes easy to get wrapped up in the technical challenges of getting the shot and forget what a marvel modern digital photography truly is. It’s good to remember how far we’ve come in photography in an amazing short time.

Kids And Animals

There are two words in professional photography that can strike fear into even the most seasoned photographer are the words “kids” and “animals.” Unlike a job where you know you’ll be able to spend an hour with the subject and come away with at least a few winner shots, while kids and animals have the capacity to make you crazy. They’ll give you the best looks when you’re changing lenses and getting setup, but when it’s time to shoot, they become uncooperative. Animals can be frightened by the camera, children become fascinated by it.

Moving Away From Common Photography Rules

Photography is one field that rewards people for breaking the rules. Are you a visual rebel? Like to push boundaries? Pick up a camera. But before you break the basic rules of photography, you have to learn them. There’s a time to follow the rules and a time to throw out the rule book; experience that will help you choose between the two.

A Negative Result

I am a photography curmudgeon, bad-tempered and disagreeable with a personality that makes Alfred Stieglitz look like Charlie Brown. I dislike today’s photography! A hard statement but a true one about a medium I once loved, an art and craft that intrigued me, helped clarify the world for me from the smallest details to the largest, helped me to see what exists and not what I think exists.

How to Select a Digital SLR Camera

A digital SLR camera is not a cheap purchase so you need to put some thought into buying one, but what information do you need to make an informed decision? Here are some tips on how to select a digital SLR camera.

Inside Product Photography Advice: Photographing Camera Equipment

An overlooked area within the field of product photography is the camera itself. Camera equipment and photography equipment poses a unique challenge to the product photographer, which is yet another reason why it’s safer not to attempt your catalogue photography in house, relying on the services of a professional photography studio instead.

5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer When You Meet With Them

Here are 5 top questions to ask your wedding photographer when you are meeting with them for the first time. These will help you get the information that you really need to ensure that you are getting a true professional in the photography industry.

How to Become a Photographer – Picture Taking Made Easy

Photography can be a wonderful and rewarding hobby. The question is how to become a photographer, and where to start this process. We will discuss things like equipment, portfolios, patterns, skills that may be necessary to learn, and where to find good material for your photos. By examining these points we will discover how to become a photographer.

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