How to Make a Cinemagraph: 5 Tips with Jennifer O’Brien

Maternity Portrait Photography

Maternity portrait photography is a wonderful way to document your journey into motherhood, especially when you choose a photography package that includes both maternity and newborn portrait photos. Most parents have hundreds of photos of their little ones, but few have a set of professional pregnancy portraits, despite those nine months being such an important time in any mother and father’s life. Some women don’t feel confident enough to have a photos taken when they’re pregnant, or simply don’t think about having a maternity photoshoot until it’s too late! But no matter how shy or nervous you are about getting in front of the camera with your baby bump, an experienced portrait photographer will be able to put your fears at rest and coax a beautiful, natural pose out of you!

Choosing a Photographer for Special Occasions

There are lots of occasions when you might seek the services of a photographer. You might want a family or individual portrait to hang on the wall at home or someone to take pictures at your wedding. You might want someone to cover a local sporting event and to be able to capture the excitement in action shots

Understanding Aperture In Relation To Photography: For Beginners

A basic understanding of the use of aperture in photography. Article explains the concepts needed to begin utilizing aperture in everyday photographs.

Composing a Photograph

Composing your photograph is like an author selecting choice words to write a paragraph. Composing your photograph is very important on how you want it to tell a story.

Photo Backing Up and Backups

Over the years I have used hard copy, tape both magnetic and paper, floppy disks of various sizes, hard drives of different kinds and styles, DVD’s and CD’s. All of these mediums have short comings. None are truly cheap. CD’s and DVD’s are good long term choices especially for images.

Your Own Pictures As Works of Art in Your Living Room

With today’s technology, even the simple pictures you take with your own digital camera can be transformed into stunning works of art. With photos turned into canvas prints, giving your living room a great focal point becomes easier, more convenient and affordable, and more personal. Capture those memorable moments and make them your own living space masterpieces.

Some Fashion Model Must-Haves

Becoming a fashion model is no walk in the park. You need to be born with and work hard for certain qualities to become one. Read on for you to know some fashion model must-haves.

Becoming a Fashion Photographer

With the influence of celebrities like movie stars, singers, and even politicians, people buy certain products and avail themselves of services because of them. Indeed, a consumer-driven society patronizes and even becomes loyal to a specific product simply because the person or persons they consider as their role model uses them. Whatever their favorite celebrity wears, they go out of their way and even spend their entire weekly or monthly pay just to have it. And this is why utmost care is given when taking photographs of fashion models and celebrities to ensure that the person who’s going to view it will eventually do the bottom line: purchase the product being promoted.

Types of Photos That Make Great Canvas Prints

Any good photo can be a good canvas print, so long as it satisfies your preferences. From landscapes to group pictures, your canvas print will look interesting and attention-grabbing in many ways.

Learn Photography With These Easy Photography Tips On Preparation

In this article, you will learn the best tips to help you prepare to take great photos. Learn photography tips to help you prepare in order to breathe life into your work.

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