How To make a Background White in Photoshop

Portrait Photographers Tips For Beginners

One of the most important decisions to make when taking a photograph is to choose the right perspective. If you were just to randomly hold out your camera at eye level and snap away it is unlikely that the results will be of a stand out quality. When taking a portrait consider how you can use perspective to add more life to your images, for example you could drop to one knee, lie on the floor, or stand on a stool.

I Love and Miss Film Photography

Film photography created anticipation in the photographer. Film cost money to buy and to develop. Film had to be kept cool and id had to be handled carefully. That made us appreciate a great shot even more, and even people simply viewing the shot appreciated it more. Digital photography is the entire market now, and it should be, but it will never possess the romantic panache that film photography owned.

Experimentation in Photography

Primarily an image of a courtyard that is illuminated on both sides, due to the lengthy exposure time, the overall image is grainy and looks nothing like the photography we are familiar with. In fact, the image resembles a charcoal drawing; a far cry from a photograph.

Wedding Photographers for Capturing Precious Moments

Wedding Photographers are best fit to capture the most special moments of your life. An amateur photographer could fail you; therefore, it is better to employ expert services of wedding photographer Vancouver.

In-Camera Special Effects

When I was in photography school, there were many options to creating special effects, such as optical printers. Yet what was most interesting was the ability to create special effects on camera, in a fairly simple fashion.

Scuba Diving With GoPro HD Hero2

Have you been looking for a great camera to take diving? The GoPro is the perfect camera, find out why.

A Rough Guide to Time-Lapse Photography

What is time-lapse? Time-lapse is where a camera captures a series of images at a predetermined frame rate, most commonly used to show scenes that evolve slowly. For example, this method could be used to show the movement of clouds or sunsets at a faster rate than would ever be seen in a natural setting.

Differences in Digital Photography and Film Photography

There is a different thought process used when you are shooting with film camera compared to when you shoot with a digital camera. Besides technical differences like spatial resolution, noise & grain, dynamic range, and type of film versus type of sensor, there are the differences in how we as photographers treat the scene.

So You Want To Take a Photography Class

Even wonder what you should look for when signing up to take a photography class? This article will help you decide if the digital photography class you are thinking about is right for you.

Photoshop: 7 Basics Steps To Get Started Editing Your Pictures

Photoshop must be the most amazing tool a photographer can have besides his camera. However it is something you will need to learn before you can use all the different parts. The best way is to start with a set of automatic settings. Learn the basic steps to enhance your pictures first. Do this a few times to make sure you understand what you are doing. After that you take one function at a time and see how they effect your picture. You will never regret this.

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