How to Light a Portrait Background: 5 Tips with Tony Gale

Dog Photography – Capture The Beauty Of Your Pets

Dogs are perhaps one of the most difficult subjects for photography. Just like small children, you can’t really expect them to sit still long enough for a good photograph-they’re most likely going to fidget, run around and be distracted by an interesting object somewhere else, even with repeated requests to hold still. In addition, dogs also easily become fatigued during lengthy photography sessions, just like little babies and toddlers.

Trending Fashions for Clothing Photography

Lifestyle or fashion photography has advanced to higher degrees. It is one of the most specialized and lucrative areas for professional shooters to showcase their talent.

Is a Tripod Necessary for Wedding Photographers?

In days gone by, almost every wedding photographer lugged a massive tripod to every shoot. Sometimes the tripod weighed in around five kilograms, adding to the bulk of the photographer’s kit, and impeding responsive movement. Things have changed. This article explains the changes, and how to make them work for you.

Guide To Online Image Editing Services

The internet is full of thousands of applications and sites that will allow you to edit your photos. However, not all of these sites are legitimate and in fact, most of these sites can harm your computer by downloading virus into your system. Hence, you need to make sure that the service you choose is genuine and is able to provide you with the functions that you require. Here is a list of genuine image editing services available on the net.

Tricks in Photography for Beginners Part 2

In part 1, I discussed on the basics of shutter speed. In this article, I will focus on the second leg of the exposure triangle; the ISO speed. This is taught next in line because shutter speed has a bigger effect on the brightness of a photo. ISO speed is a more like a minor adjustment to overall exposure.

What Do You Need Before You Can Take Great Photos? 2 Things

What are the tools you’ll need to start creating good images? This is, of course, debatable, but I think there are really only 2 things you’ll absolutely need.

How To Find A Great Photographer

Many years as a jobbing photographer have trained me to be skilful at sifting out reliable professional photographers from the rest of the group. Here’s my personal process on selecting the best photographer for you.

Tips for Shooting a Video and Green/Blue Screen Replacement

The green or blue screen replacement is done during post production phase of making a video. In this phase, a mix of 2 images is formed. Regardless of whether blue screen or green screen was used, a totally different image is formed. The technique is used in weather forecasting and for creating special effects in some films. Green and blue colors are used just because they are different from skin tones.

Three Helpful Tips For Re-Touching Your Digital Photos

Remember back when photographs came from negatives that had to be processed? When we only had the paper copies of the images we got from a kiosk? Back then, if a photograph had red-eye or blemishes or something else spoiling it we pretty much had to just put up with it because photo retouching had to be done by hand on either the photo itself or on the negative. It required a professional and that could prove to be expensive. However, today we use digital camera and can transfer our snapshots directly onto our computer. This has made it so much easier to enhance the images ourselves thanks to a range of editing apps and software packages. These can make the process simple, but here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Photo Editing Tips That Every Photographer Should Know

Not every photograph turns out the way you want. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true – occasionally that perfect shot is going to be ruined by something. Even the best images that you take can be improved, and photo-editing software gives you the tools to make gentle enhancements where they are needed.

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