How to Improve Your Mobile Videography with Jason Vong

Getting the Perfect Headshot

Getting a good headshot is nothing more than obtaining a headshot that will create a winning first impression and lasting impression. It should say what you want it to say about you, and help put you on the fast track of achieving dream goals.

Glamour Portraits, Boudoir and Wedding Photography in Today’s Market

Today’s photography world has changed. Read on to learn more of how this industry is surviving in today’s tough and competitive market. Many people think they don’t need a pro photographer today and are greatly surprised when they do not get what they thought they would have.

Cheap Digital Camera Accessories Worth Buying

Some of the latest digital cameras today come with a high price. It’s okay to invest in the newest model if you have more than enough cash. At least you’re sure you have a quality product that can stay with you for a long time. For your accessories, you can always find the cheap ones on the market.

Resizing Images to Have Better Use

You have taken a mass of digital pictures and all of them are in their original format and size. Depending on your needs, now you need to convert them to be just the right size, you may want to resize to wallpaper for your phone, you may resize for the web use, you may send some pictures through email to your family or friends, you may resize your photos to thumbnails and so on.

How to Whiten Teeth on Adobe Photoshop

Stained teeth are often the result of too much coffee or other staining foods. Lots of people will shell out hundreds of dollars for professional teeth whitening or over-the-counter whitening kits. Using photo retouching software on your digital photos can whiten your teeth quickly and easily, making your photos perfect for printing out or sharing. There are many different ways to approach this, but the method below is the quickest and most accurate.

Photography Light Positioning – Short Lighting

Short lighting by definition is when the key light is placed to the right of camera and the subject faces camera right toward the light. This lets light fall on the narrow side of the face leaving a shadow on the broad side of the face, which is facing the camera. The actual position of the light or lights will depend on the style and mood of the portrait anticipated.

A Basic Overview Of Digital Photography

Nowadays, digital photography is viewed as the most popular art not just in the business industry but likewise for personal use. Everyone who may have changed from movie cameras should know the distinctive terms related to it. Typically, the original facet of the digital photography tutorial might focus on the standard terms and areas that you must know before working with digital cameras.

Take Professional Digital Photographs With These Quick Tips

When it comes to photography, these days you can use the point-and-shoot digital cameras to take beautiful images. With some adjustment and knowledge, it is possible to capture big time photographs from even the smallest digital camera. Here are some digital photography tips to help you shoot like a professional.

Free HDR Software

The number of available High Dynamic Range imaging freeware programs out there rapidly grows all the time. There are some that stand out and can boast a loyal set of users, and others that help support the aforementioned examples by just not cutting it. For those of us who love HDR photography, and are just starting out on an exploration of what this realm provides us creatively, free HDR software is the logical gateway to creating our own body of HDR work. Below, an assortment of free HDR downloadable programs is listed.

Stock Images – What Is Stock Photography?

Today, stock images and photography is very important area of photography. It is just like industrial, fashion and magazine photography.

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