How to Get Started in Astrophotography: 5 Tips with @Nateinthewild

Architectural Photography – The Top 5 Hotel And Resort Photographers In India

Architectural photography for hotels and resorts is very competitive in India. Many claim to be the best-in-business agencies. Read on to discover the top 5 photographers and agencies in India who actually have the right to say so.

The Best Digital SLR Camera For Professional Photography Is?

The LEICA S2 is a magnificent camera for photographers who don’t want to make any compromise. Forget hours of post-production to optimize your pictures – the S2’s image quality is truly amazing. But is it worth the price of a brand new car? You’ll read the answer in this LEICA S2 review.

Sexism In Portrait Photography!

When you are shooting a portrait, sexism DOES come into play! Check out how…

A Guide on Cameras

In a world dominated by social media sites, going without a digital camera is almost a crime. This article discusses possible camera choices and brands worth noting.

Be Certain You Hired a Professional Photographer

I often find myself amused by the fact that every time you turn around, there’s a new “photographer” in town. I put photographer in quotes because I’ve been stunned by the number of people who have no background in photography, no education in it, and no real drive to pursue educating themselves to improve themselves. They are often what we call “moms with cameras” and becoming a mom is often the reason they decided to become a photographer. I’m not saying moms shouldn’t want to document their children growing up or that they can’t have a hobby or that kids can’t be the reason someone decides to go into photography, but I find the increased number of moms with cameras photo “businesses” at least a little entertaining.

Why Take A Picture?

Why is it important to take pictures throughout our lives? Without pictures past memories and emotions cannot be fully recalled, relived, and saved.

This Summer’s Photographs Will Be Your Future Fond Memories

For many, summer is the season of family holidays. Archiving and reliving these memories are family traditions that have become much easier with the availability of digital cameras, which make it very easy for any one, the occasional amateur or the professional, to capture treasured moments. Great summer photographs start with good preparation. Wherever you are heading first make a list. You don’t want to experience the frustration of being unable to take a particular shot because you are in the middle of nowhere and the lens you need is at home.

2 Easy Photo Tips To Get Better Portrait Photography!

There ARE basic rules and techniques that will consistently get you better portrait photography. Here are a couple of them…

Food Photography Basics for Beginners

In this article you will find some basic pointers to getting some nicer looking food photographs. Easy to follow tips for beginners.

My First Model Photo Shoot

Many photographers that are starting out would like to add model photos to their portfolio. But how? This article gives some tips on finding and shooting a model.

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