How to Get Started as a Video Creator: 5 Tips with Cache Bunny

Neither Age or Size Should Stop You

Okay so you are sixty years old, you weigh in at two hundred and fifty pounds and you want to become a male model? That’s a joke right? No, not at all!

Polarizer Filters in Photography

Polarizing filters designed for use on camera lenses consist of a plastic sheet called Polaroid (made by the Polaroid Corporation), or of basically similar material made by other firms, capable of limiting the transmission of polarized light to, or close to, a single plane of polarization. (Most polarizers are made by absorbing iodine in a thin sheet of polyvinyl alcohol that is then stretched to align the molecules in long parallel chains. The resulting filter material has the ability to plane polarize a beam of light, or to absorb light that is already plane polarized.) The polarizing material is sandwiched between sheets of glass, and is usually encased in a screw-in filter frame in such a way that the filter can be rotated after it is mounted on the lens. (For uses requiring large pieces, Polaroid is also available in unprotected sheets of varying sizes and proportions.)

The Camera Is Your Friend

When I was in photography school, I found that taking a great photograph was a bit like trial and error. You’re not sure what you’re getting into, and you don’t know what the result will be. In photography schools, there’s more to just clicking a shutter. Anyone can click a shutter, but there’s much more that’s involved. Many photographers have a keen eye when taking pictures and that involves some technical knowledge, an ability to properly frame an image.

Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to your big day there is a huge amount to celebrate. The coming together of two people who love each other and your committing yourself to the person you love, the gathering of all your collective friends and family, the dresses and the cakes, the music and the dancing, and the generally great mood.

Jumping From a Point-And-Shoot to a DSLR With the Canon Kiss X4

For those people who’ve been making use of plain digital cameras for any length of time, changing to a digital SLR can be challenging. After reading a review of the Canon Kiss X4, you will be pleased to learn this comfy DSLR camera is truly made for the beginner.

Landscape Photography Tips – Night Photography

To assist anyone that is interested I’ve listed a few tips below on what is required to shoot at night. I’ve been getting a little into night landscape photography of late. Last night I had a lot of fun with some fellow photographs playing with different coloured lights to produce effects that we can’t record with normal human eyesight.

Canon Digital SLR Cameras – My Top Favorites

Canon is a renowned and most popular camera manufacturer in the world today. It is always known to produce some of the world class cameras in all the categories. When it comes to Digital SLR cameras, Canon is always the first. It has many different cameras to offer its customers.

Hardcore Facts About Digital Photography

There are many occasions when we take photos which ultimately remind us of memorable moments. Whether it is Christmas day with your family or your graduation day, a picture is much more than just an image; it is a sentimental item that stirs up emotions and brings nostalgia over the years. Technology has now changed and instead of the film cameras that were common back in the day, now most cameras use digital technology. The difference between these two types of cameras is that the film camera captures images on a film that is photo sensitive while a digital camera is fitted with specialized sensors that are able to capture and store images.

The Inner Workings of a Camera

When I first started out in photography school, I thought I was already ahead of the game, as I’d been doing photography for a long time. My photographs were good, solid, and to some degree, I’d already begun developing my own style. Though I soon concluded that there was still much to be learned via photography schools, one thing that I hadn’t really considered, and that proved utterly vital to my advancement as a photographer, was getting a core understanding of how the camera works.

How to Prepare for a Newborn Photography Session

Let’s face it, photographing newborns is often challenging if it’s the initial session or maybe you’re relatively new to newborn posing. Finding out the best way to photograph babies can be a skill that takes time and lots of practice to learn.

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