How to Find the Photography Work You Actually Want | 5 Tips with Jennifer Pottheiser

24 Things You Should Be Concerned About When Choosing A Wedding Photographer And Why

Here’s an article for soon to-be-married couples.  The list will below will give you an idea if your prospective wedding photographer will be the right wedding photographer for your wedding day.

Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs

If you are getting married and want to get really good wedding photographs, you should cooperate with your wedding photographer. You have to reserve enough time for a location of your choice. How much time do you need to reserve depend on how many good photos for printing you would like to get.

Sony NEX – A Revolution in the Camera Segment

Preserving the laughs, the good moments, the not so good moments and many inexpressible moments; the usages of a camera are simply never ending. No matter whether you go on a vacation with your friends or visit your paternal house in the countryside, being able to capture what you experience is almost of great importance.

7 Tips For Better Wild Bird Pictures

Capturing great bird stock photos can be challenging at times, but with good preparation, the right equipment and a few simple techniques, it can also be quite fun and rewarding. What follows are our top seven tips for capturing better wild bird pictures.

Underwater Photography – Using a Waterproof Case Or Getting a New Camera

Underwater diving can be one of the most enriching and surreal experiences of your life if you ever try it. You discover a whole new world under the ocean. Flora and fauna as never seen before and you get transported into a world of endless new discoveries! You get to see colors you never knew existed before.

Interview: Master Nature Photographer and Instructor, Stephen W Oachs, Owner of Aperture Academy

In honor of Aperture Academy’s second anniversary, we managed to pull Stephen W. Oachs, founder and brain behind the Aperture Academy Gallery & Photography School, away from his very busy schedule long enough to ask a few questions, reminisce, and have a few laughs. This entrepreneur has found a winning formula for keeping his business growing during these difficult economic times. The “secret ingredient” seems to be giving customers what they want, and a bit more.

Do You Really Need A Macro Photography Lens?

Discover macro photography. It will be an exciting journey into the world of close-up photography. But, do you need a macro lens? Read on to find out.

Dancing In The Dark – Some Night Time Photography Hints!

Many digital photography beginners stick rigidly to daytime shots, apprehensive about their chances of success at night. If you find you just don’t seem to take many night time photographs, here are a few common sense tips that will quickly help you along your way.

A Guide To Choosing The Right Camera Bags

Cameras are an expensive investment so you also need to make sure that you take proper care of them. The best way to take good care of your cameras is to buy excellent camera bags that will make sure that your cameras are safe when you carry them around.

How to Avoid Background Shadows in Photography

Everyone wants to take awesome photographs, and with today’s technology, most people can. However, to get the best photographs, you must learn how to avoid the dreaded background shadows. This is a cautionary tale.

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