How to Film POV Action Videos: 5 Tips with Jon Reyes

Can You Fake Your Own Product Photography Studio In House?

Do you really need a product photography studio, or can you get away with photographing your products in house? If you look at the average sort of price charged by a commercial advertising photographer you’ll almost certainly be tempted to consider avoiding having to rely on a fully equipped product photography studio, instead using lower grade equipment, and hoping that a few key techniques will get you by.

How to Make Dynamic Canvas Prints

The most important thing to remember when making dynamic canvas prints is to always believe in yourself. Somewhere, hidden deep in the realms of Facebook, Twitter, or on your computer’s hard drive, there will be some breathtaking photos of you and your loved ones just screaming to be let out!

Why Digital Photography?

Technology has changed so many things over the years, and part of this revolution is the invention of digital photography. Some photographers, whether hobbyists or professionals, claim that film photography is still the best way to capture stunning images.

Two Tricks Of The Trade Used By Product Photographers

Experienced professional product photographers have a whole range of tips and tricks they use every day to achieve the sort of end results which not only look incredibly simple to reproduce, but which actually get the job done of making people want to buy the product. Often it’s those photographs which look straightforward and relatively simple which require the most amount of work, planning and preparation. It’s only when you try to recreate those sorts of images yourself that you start to realise that there really is much more to professional product photography than meets the eye, or even the…

Commercial Product Photography – Turning Passport Photos Into The Mona Lisa

Believe it or not, commercial product photography is actually a good deal more complex than simply propping a product up against a sheet, pointing a camera and pressing a button. In fact, product photography is both an art and a science, requiring ingenuity and imagination, scientific know how and cutting edge technology.

Cheap Or Free DSLR Stabilization/Steadicam Tricks

DSLR cameras allow just about anybody with a couple grand to capture high-definition footage with big-budget looks such as depth-of-field, motion blur and deep, rich colors. One thing which DSLR shooters still struggle with is getting steady handheld or dolly tracking shots without investing in a pro stabilization system or building a cumbersome PVC track on which to roll their rig. Due to budget and time constraints, video production crews just want to shoot and go.

The Latest and Unique Camera Bags And Cases

Anybody who owns a digital camera today should be responsible enough to get a good bag or casing to protect his photographic device. These days, you have a wide choice as camera bags and cases have become more innovative. Thanks to the creative minds who are constantly finding ways to meet the needs of digital camera owners.

FujiFilm Digital Camera Under 100 Dollars

The FujiFilm FinePix has a stylish all metal body for a digital camera under 100 dollars. It offers 12 megapixel resolution with CCD sensor and Digital Image Stabilization. The camera has an attractive sliding-front, ultra compact 5x zoom lens and a big, bright 2.27 inches LCD with 230K. The appealing all metal body coupled with easy-to-use shooting and uploading options clearly make this digital camera fit for the youth. It is available in many young and exciting solid colors such as pink, blue, black, silver, purple and bronze. Even with an aluminum body the camera is pocket-sized and light weight also, weighing only 0.3196 lbs. (146 g).

Photography – A Hobby Or A Profession?

Photography normally begins as a happy experience for the first-timer. It then develops into a somewhat expensive hobby. I remember how expensive it was when I made my first shots as an amateur. Then, you would have to buy rolls of film which cost a lot in my poor country. Technological advances in later years made photography less and less expensive. In today’s environment, “everything” is digital – from writing to computing, to photography and games. Things have become both easier and less expensive, despite the higher efficiency due to technology.

Photography – Can You Afford It?

Photography is fun and joy to those who have found it. You get to have the “power” to keep a graphical history of what your eyes can see. You can preserve it in hard copies of varying sizes or in digital form which you have a chance to keep “forever” provided you back it up promptly.

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