How To Do The Dolly Zoom/Vertigo Effect #Shorts

Great Mother’s Day Portrait Tips

Mothers are among the most special people in the world. It is their task to carry life in their bodies for all of nine months, and then take good care of the baby that’s born until he can stand on his own and go out into the world. As a matter of fact, a mother’s job is never done. That’s why we celebrate Mother’s Day. Most people opt to give their moms a bouquet of flowers and a cake or a box of chocolates; these are good ideas, but why not try something a little more unique this year? It can be a good idea to give something that’s a bit more unusual.

Seeing Eye to Eye With Your Kids

Seeing Eye to Eye with your kids. No, I’m not talking about AGREEING with them – as a parent and a grandparent I can tell you right now that won’t happen! What I’m talking about is a tip to get better photographs of them – shooting from their Eye Level.

How to Take Digital Photos – Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes!

Here is where I hope to explain to you where you UNDERSTAND why these mistakes occur, and give you a few pointers on how to not make them. But even if you do still make the mistake I’m going to give you proven fixes using certain digital photo editing software.

Guide to Using HDR Photography for Panoramas and 360 Virtual Tours

High dynamic range (or HDR) photography is a technique that allows a photographer to take the same image at different exposures and then blend them together to produce one image that features the best exposed parts from each of the images. For a virtual tour this is particularly useful as most Virtual tours rely on a 360 degree perspective so often you will be shooting both away from and into a light source. Usually this would mean that you would have to compromise between the two and potentially have dark patches that are underexposed on one side and light patches that are over exposed on the other. Using HDR you can shoot at 3 or more exposure levels, low, medium and high and then blend them together to create the perfect panorama.

Intriguing Ideas for Eye Catching Photographic Images – Part 2

Truly eye-catching photographic images require creativity and a flair for the unusual. Special-effects images stimulate the imagination and capture the viewer’s attention. Four additional ideas are described which can create wonder through your photos.

Review of the Canon EOS-1D X Camera – Canon’s Top of the Line DSLR

Ever since the introduction of the Canon EOS-1 series camera in 1989, I have made this body my main piece of equipment and have upgraded to almost every new model through the decades. I am not the type who craves the ‘latest and greatest’ gear but once in a while, a new camera introduction can fill a gap in my equipment lineup. So when the EOS-1D X was announced, it seems to be the camera I am looking for so I placed my order and anxiously waited for the delivery.

3 First Steps to Becoming a New Photographer

You may occasionally take a picture with your camera phone, but are frustrated you can’t do it more. You’ve watched your family members and friends enjoy their photography hobby and capture photos and videos that everyone wants to see. You are often artistically inspired when you view a spectacular sunset or a mountain landscape. All of the above make you a prime candidate to become a new photographer. If you’re ready for your passing interest in photography to become a passion, then consider starting with these 3 careful steps.

Here Is An AMAZING Photographer! His Photography Tips Will Make YOU Better!

Studying the work and procedures of great photographers is a fast way to learn to master your camera! Here is a brief discussion of Australian photographer Adam Pretty.

Photographing Dragonflies and Damselflies

Bright colourful and alien looking, dragonflies (and damselflies) are some of the most unusual creatures you or I are likely to come across, moving at seemingly impossible speeds and always seeming to be on the go, these insects can be a challenge to even the most experienced photographer, but there are ways to increase your chances of getting the wall perfect shot. Hopefully, here, you will gain a much better understanding of how you could achieve these shots yourself.

New To Creating Professional Portraits With Digital Backgrounds?

Creating digital backgrounds and producing professional looking portraits without a big studio is now possible. It’s no secret that with today’s digital technology, many of the tasks that once required a significant investment in time and money are now available at our fingertips. There are software programs for almost every task imaginable, and apps for everything else.

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