How To CUSTOMIZE The Photoshop Interface Color [2 Quick Hacks]

Introduction to ISO in Digital Photography – The Basic Learning for Beginner

Photography is the one of artworks. The beauty itself can be seen from how the picture can deliver the message and balance proportion of light and color. Therefore, if you want to focus to the photography world, you need to understand about the camera itself.

Why You Should ALWAYS Have a Back-Up Camera at Weddings

An article on my first ever wedding. It shows why you must always have a spare camera when you are the official photographer at a wedding.

Professional Video Production Lighting Techniques To Use

As we all know that creating a video is all about having the right skills and applying them in the right manner. You need to have some on-screen talent and a camcorder in order to generate some fine results.

Some Impeccable Camera Movements For Maximum Efficiency In Video Production

Everyone is aware of the fact that video productions and motion pictures are extremely fluid forms of art and they rely heavily on regular movement for stimulating realism. Every scene in a video requires dissimilar filming methods.

Simple Guidelines To Keep In Mind During Family Group Photography Sessions

With any important yet busy events or occasions, you may not find at all anytime to think about having all your family and all the guests pose properly or to worry about whether they are showing their best angles during each picture taken. But you can definitely keep some of the basic and simple tips below in mind when taking group or family photos.

Learning About Exposure Triangle – Learn From the Basics

However, there are not much people who have photography skill. Taking a course or learning from internet could be the one of several ways to increase the photography skill.

4 Top Features of the Canon EOS 70d Camera

The Canon EOS 70d is a well-rounded camera intended for the enthusiast photographer. The feature-packed EOS 70d includes the most in demand specifications, along with several upgrades from earlier models (simple-to-use touch screen, WiFi and 20.2MP APS-C sensor) to create a camera that feels comfortable in the hand and well made.

10 Tips to Improve Your Black and White Photography

In a world of color, sometimes you just can’t beat a strong black and white image. Black and white photography can be an amazing tool to conveying a mood story or statement to your viewers. While a color portrait can tell a story too, the absence of color in black and white imagery can often present a much stronger impact to viewers. Here are a few tips on creating strong black and white photographs.

4 Must Have Accessories for the Canon EOS Cameras

The right collection of accessories for the Canon EOS cameras can help take high-quality pictures and make photography more fun and convenient. Whether it is a zoom or general-use lens or upgrading the memory card, the camera accessories are wide-ranging and able to match most needs and budgets.

Developing Your Eye

A shot can be technically perfect but so boring that no-one gives it a second look. Developing your eye for a good photograph will be the key moment in your move from being a beginner to a capable photographer.

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