How To Create BETTER Book Cover Mockups In Photoshop!

Digital Photography – What Are Pixels?

Once upon a time artwork was created with pigments, paints, inks, and dyes. Real tangible things in a real tangible world. But as we are moving into the digital world, the common material in artwork is shifting to a digital form… the pixel. Whether your digital creations are photographs or Photoshop creations or illustrator artwork, any digital art piece is composed of pixels. But what are they really?

How to Apply the Golden Ratio to Photography

As photographers, it’s really important to know what makes a strong photograph. There are a lot of things you should keep in mind when shooting, like color, lighting, shape, and composition. It takes a variety of aspects to create an exciting image, but if you are looking for one aspect that can really help improve the quality of the composition of your photographs, the golden ratio is definitely a worth while concept to understand.

10 Top Tips For A Perfect Wedding Day

A helpful guide to a stress free wedding day, making all your plans run as smooth as possible. Organisation is the key.

Digital Camera Predators and How to Keep Them at Bay – 7 Shocking Things That You Have to Know

Before you want to know more about the digital camera features, there are other important things that you have to pay attention. Those are camera predators. You can read here, regarding to the basic understanding of keeping your camera in different condition.

Canon EOS 70D Review

The Canon EOS 70D replaces the very successful EOS 60D as the latest mid-range DSLR from the company. Released nearly 3 years after the older model, the 70D is a whole lot of improvements that converge in a single package.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Review

Interestingly named the EOS Rebel SL1, Canon’s latest entry level offering is actually the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR. Weighing merely 370 grams, sans battery, memory card and kit lens, the camera is comparable to a compact point and shoot.

Tips For Accessorizing Your Photo Booth Pictures

Accessories in a photo booth can mean the difference between bland, sparse photos and amazing, fun shots. You can set up an accessory table right next to the booth, and encourage people to come up with amusing photos. Put several photos of people using the accessories around the booth to give them inspiration.

Getting Certified As a Professional Photographer

As someone who went to school, studied photography and graduated with a BFA in Photography and Design – getting certified wasn’t something initially on my list of things to do as I learned a lot of the certification requirements in school. However, being out of school for five years and with the growing number of photographers in the area – getting certified has been a growing thought in my mind.

Photography: The Importance of Understanding Light

As a professional photographer with a BFA in photography in design, I have a very strong grasp of my craft. I personally choose to utilize natural light in the majority of my work. I believe everyone relaxes outside in the natural beauty of the world and there’s a certain radiant quality I can achieve when using natural light that just isn’t there when working with artificial lighting. However, this is absolutely a preference thing!

The Truth About Being a Photographer

There tends to be this glamorized view of what being a photographer means. People often look at photographers as just someone with a camera, anyone could do it – or that our job is so easy. We just show up, take pictures and go back home, and from the outside I can totally understand why it may seem that way. But the truth is – this job is far from glamorous or easy!

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