How To Change Hair Color in Photoshop – EASY Yet POWERFUL Technique!

Creative Photography – 6 Handy Tips

Like the name implies, creative photography supposes plenty of imagination. Despite the fact that not everybody is made for creative photography, it must be mentioned that you can learn how to use this technique in your best interest. It only takes a touch of innate creativity coupled with several useful tips and advice that will help you perfect your shootings.

How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer

Finally engaged? Unsure of how to pick the right wedding photographer? Read on for some helpful hints to ensure you get the photographs that capture this special moment in your life.

Make Your Digital Photos Cooler And Better

Editing photos is about making them better than the original ones. Adding cool photo effects is a very simple and efficient means to do it. Different websites and applications for different platforms are coming up with predefined cool photo effects so that users can edit their favorite photos even without any image-editing skills or experience. Photo effects have the capability of enhancing the image or adding meaning to a photo.

What to Wear for Your Upcoming Photo Shoot

So very often I receive this question, and I wanted to share how I normally answer for my clients: “What should we wear and how should we dress our families for our upcoming photo shoot?” I thought I’d tackle this problem with two simple solutions.

Newborn Photography For The Beginner

A guide to taking the perfect baby pictures and keeping your client happy. Series of 3 articles for photographers new to baby photography.

Commercial Product Photography Tips for Online Pictures

The online market has become the most important aspect of the modern day commercial product photography. Listed below are some commercial product photography tips for online pictures.

School Photographers and Photo Retouchers

No photoshoot is complete without the work of photo retouchers. Be it fashion, food, jewelry, car, model or just any kind of photography, a little magic by retouchers is always required. Photo retouching is a process which eliminates any unwanted effects, objects and backgrounds and gives the picture a nice elegant look. There is nothing wrong in retouching photographs as long as its not overdone.

Model and Photographer Trust – You Need It For Professional Photography

Do you want to make more money in your photography business? Do you shoot people? If you do, let me tell a little story I heard from an acquaintance of mine. It’s one about; trust. You see, if you want to get the best models or have your customers truly help you get that perfect shot, then you need to develop a strong rapport – and ultimately a trusting bond. Why you ask? Well, if you model or customer knows that you will do great work, they will loosen up, be at ease, and their smiles will be real and not fake.

Do Professional Portrait Photographers Go Over Board With Touch-Up and Photoshopping?

Okay so, I don’t know much about you but one thing that has always perturbed me is to see someone’s picture in advertising, business card, marketing piece, and then meet them in real life and realize their picture was a 10-year younger version of themselves and a flawless one at that. It makes them look better than they are and we as humans make assumptions on looks, whether we admit it or not. Folks doing this might not see anything wrong with putting their best foot forward.

Want to Start a Portrait Photography Business On a Shoe String?

My how the world has changed, especially when it comes to photography – consider before digital cameras, or during that long transition – it wasn’t that long ago. Recently, I talked with a portrait photographer with a small studio who would take pictures and then touch them up and give you the perfect version of your flawless self. The prices charged for such services are not cheap, and I’d say perhaps more than they should be considering all the newest and latest technologies. Does this leave an opening for a new comer? Yes, I’d say so.

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