How To Change Background Color in Photoshop [For Beginners!]

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners – Correctly Cropping Your Subject

Cropping your subject correctly is an important aspect of taking a great portrait. There are different standard portrait lengths: full body, the face and upper part of the body, close up of the face, etc. How do we decide what to leave in frame and what to crop out? I am going to talk about different ways to crop a portrait to make the finished image look more professional, and more pleasing to the eye.

Sales Tips for Wedding Photographers

Over the past 25 years as a wedding photographer I have had the opportunity to speak with well over a thousand engaged couples. I am always surprised by some of the criteria many of them use to choose their wedding photographer.

The Tango

I don’t photograph people. I’m not a portrait photographer and have little interest in posing people for a photo. But sometimes an image is just screaming to be made. After wandering around the “La Boca” neighborhood of Buenos Aires for a few hours, I was hungry and in need of a place to sit down, have lunch and relax for a while.

Wedding Photographers Digital Back Up Strategy

A good backup strategy has to be reliable, robust & have a redundancy plan. Many professional photographers have incorporated image management applications into their workflows, applications like Aperture by Apple and Adobe Lightroom.

Choosing and Packing Photography Equipment for a Holiday – Lenses

When you’re packing photography equipment for a holiday, it’s hard to decide what to take. You want to take enough to get good photos, but not so much that it weighs you down or takes up too much space in your luggage. This article covers a few different options you may want to consider when deciding which lenses you should take to use with your digital SLR camera on holiday.

Photography Posing Ideas – Take Your Photography To The Next Level By Learning New Exciting Poses!

Have great posing options can vastly improve a photoshoot. Find out how you can quickly and easily learn all the techniques needed for a successful shoot.

Digital Photography History

In this detailed article, we will explore the history of digital photography. Read on.

Best Ways to Backup Digital Pictures

It has never been cheaper to take pictures. Digital cameras have made it easy for almost everyone to take, store, and print pictures. But while it offers convenience in terms of storage, it is also that easy to lose thousands of pictures in just one click.

7 Clever Uses For Wildlife Stock Video

There are trillions of uses for stock video. Ok, maybe not quite that many, but stock video has more uses than you’d think, especially wildlife footage. There are times when using sports video or war footage is effective at making a point. But nature footage in all its variety has a plethora of uses in all kinds of applications. And there are quite a few you may have never considered.

Posing Guide For Photography – Learn New And Interesting Poses To Improve Your Photography!

Getting hold of a decent photography posing guide can vastly improve your knowledge. But what should you look for in a good guide?

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