How To Change a Background In Photoshop [For Beginners!]

Portrait Photographer’s Relaxation Technique

How to get beautiful smiles when everyone’s nervous in front of the camera? Learn the secret tricks photographers use everyday to bring forth the beauty within.

Why You Should Have a Portrait Made

You may think that only people who are important, or famous, or wealthy have portraits made of themselves. Maybe you think you aren’t a good subject for a portrait. Maybe you’re not the only one to consider when making the decision to have a portrait created!

Nikon D7000: The Perfect “Prosumer” Camera

Prosumer is the term coined from the two words, professional and consumer. Unlike a professional, a Prosumer will be looking at high end at cheaper levels, and unlike a consumer, a Prosumer looks for high end products over price. Prosumer was termed especially for people buying Cameras due to the fact that there are several cameras that could meet professional requirements with the price for consumers wanting to use it for personal reasons.

D90 Vs D7000 and Why the Latter Will Win

The release of the Nikon D7000 has made people believe that it is the direct successor to the Nikon D90. However both the D7000 are almost similar in both appearance and specifications. But there are some key differences which show why the D7000 is the better camera to buy.

Tips of Digital Photography

Here are the digital photography tips you are looking. When you have newly acquired a digital camera, the last thing that you would want to happen is have it rusted on the corner of your house. You have come to the right page if you want to handle that precious gem you have. If you take pictures just for fun or you do it as a career, then necessarily you need digital photography tips which will make every session successful.

Capturing in High Definition: Nikon D7000 Review

Sleek, Brilliant, and Powerful. This is how the new Nikon D7000 is described; a camera that doesn’t take photographs but captures reality in its purest and truest form. The D7000 redefines photography with an added touch of perfection.

Why Learn Digital Photography Basics?

Learning digital photography basics is a must if you have your own camera with you. The reason is quite simple. You cannot expect to learn the complex matters involving digital photography if you do not start with the basics, right?

Top 5 Destinations for Photography Lovers!

Every country in the world offers great photo opportunities for any avid photographer out there. Here is a list of Top 5 regions for if you have a specific interest in what you like to photograph.

The Difference Between Taking a Picture and Making a Photograph

Technology and the web have made photography and the digital image world an incredibly accessible place. You can now see any photo or image imaginable in just a few clicks of a mouse button.  It’s opened up a new world of  inspiration to thousands of aspiring and talented photographers.

The First of Its Kind – Nikon D90

We all already know that Nikon makes great digital cameras and video recorders but one of their latest, innovative models is the D90. Just like most other Nikon models this camera also comes with an anti dust system so that you can take images in all different types of settings. With this model they have integrated a low noise system too which is great so you don’t have to listen to the auto focus the whole time while you are trying to capture images.

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