How to Capture & Stitch a Panorama #Shorts

Throwing Light On The Dynamic Photoshop Drop Shadow!

A picture has more meaning when it has depth. Even a simple shadow has the ability to bring another dimension to the picture. The shadow can be created from any source of light. It can be shallow or reflective or deep throated! It provides unique visual interaction and the eyes stay on it a little longer…just like it does to the original.

Why Photographic Filters Still Matter

Photographic filters used to be an absolute necessity for professional film photographers, and while the digital age has made some filters absolute, there are still some filters which all photographers should still be using. This article explains why filters still make a difference to today’s modern digital photographers.

A New Approach To Stock Photography?

Traditionally stock photography has always been considered a ‘hands-free’ business, but in the current ultra-competitive market place, more and more photographers are realising the sit-back-and-wait approach just doesn’t measure up as a business strategy. A new breed of stock photography library has emerged that offers a more hands-on approach to build a complete business, and more and more photographers are deciding that’s a good thing.

How To Watermark A Photo

Photographers of all kinds like to show their pictures and fresh photos in the Internet. Web is full of special photography sites, where everyone can show their photos and receive some feedback or just talk about the main theme of the picture. However, the most beautiful photos are often the subject of internet content thieves. Read and learn the best way how to watermark a photo.

Photography, Portrait Studio and Children

This is a little smidgen about how I feel about portrait photography and sporting shots as far as a photographer is concerned. There are comprimises on people and children and the studio. I want to point out that fact why I no longer do children pictures and why you may not want to either.

Basic Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You’re engaged and looking for a photographer. Here are some basic points you should consider and questions to ask when choosing your wedding photographer.

The Canon 7D Video Mode Overview

Canon has introduced some innovative capabilities and features into the Canon EOS 7D’s video mode. This camera incorporates some of the most requested features by casual and serious photographers alike. This article provides a summary of the outstanding Canon 7D video mode features.

What You Need To Know About The Latest Memory Cards

As digital cameras advance, so does the memory cards used to store images. And what’s new about this storage media is they continue to get smaller through the years. In addition, manufacturers are doing their best to allow these memory cards to store more data and in a faster way than usual.

How To Take Professional Pictures – Discover How Easy It Is Today

Learning how to take professional pictures can be a fun and rewarding experience. Everyone, these days is running around “snapping pics”, but very few are taking professional quality photographs. Using your equipment, different lighting methods, experimentation, and rules of composition, taking professional grade photos will be much easier.

Top 3 Factors Needed to Succeed in Selling Photos Through Microstock Agencies and Make Money Online

I am sure, many amateur or seasoned photographers have come across an advert or an article promoting the potentials of microstock photographic online business. But, is this type of business right for you? Have you got the characteristics needed to excel in this type of enterprise? Today, I would like to analyse with you those few characteristics needed, in order to succeed in selling photos online.

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